How Romney can build on his debate victory

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  • Think you’re on target with the qualifications & it takes an extroidinary individual. There is a vast divide between the two that did become visable. I believe Romney was quite effective, yet, like many, I was left wishing there had been a tad more. This was a ‘thinking man’s” debate & I thought Mitt Romny had a strong, miltary like bearing. And that may have excluded many who watched, waiting for the stage to evolve into an X-treme fight ring with blood flying. Also feeling neglected were the ones waiting for one of them to walk on water or hand out free gifts at the door. (probably all are part of that 47% group) WHY some voters think they must ‘like’ a candidate Is something I don’t understand, after all we aren’t sleeping with him.
    Romny has a message & a plan. If he stick with it & shows the same agressive posture, we just might get a start to recover fiscally & morally.