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Does Obama Really Think Muslim Terrorists Will Not Come Here?

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  1. Question to all Americans and to all the idiots who believe that Islam or Muslims hate the American people.
    Question: What did you do in Palestine???????
    What did you do in Afghanistan?
    What did you do in Iraq?
    What did you do in Libya?
    What did you do in Somalia?
    What did you do in Lebanon?
    Etc. So you can see that all Islamic states.
    Second question: What a Mistake peoples of these countries have done against you?
    The last question: why the U.S. government supports Israel with all its power and money, which is deducted from the tax money employees of the American people?

    • I can answer a few questions in a small way here.

      “What did you do in Afghanistan?”

      The Soviet puppet government of Afghanistan, called the DRA, requested Soviet intervention in the Afghani Civil war against the Mujahideen who were fighting against the government.

      The US government supported the Mujahideen movement, as well as the Pakistani ISI (the Pakistanis receive vast amounts of US $ support for their military.) President Carter began a $3 billion dollar covert operation to support the Mujahideen. Regan stepped this operation up and provided weapons to the Mujahideen, including stinger missiles.

      These Mujahideen later formed Al Qaeda, just so everyone is aware.

      After the Soviets withdrew because of the ongoing conflict with the Mujahideen, the Pakistani ISI (with the blessings and finances from the US) installed the Taliban into power in Afghanistan in ’96.

      Then in 2001 the US invaded Afghanistan to remove the Taliban from power and install a permanent strategic military force in Afghanistan under the guise of the ‘US-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Declaration’.

      • Unfortunately I noticed a lack of knowledge or culture of the so-called Mujahideen, which was supported by the U.S..Mujahideen and their leader Osama bin Laden and everyone knows they are backed by the U.S. government to fight the Soviets, in other words, the U.S. government is fighting against the Soviet Union through the use of the Mujahideen, and the Mujahideen and the Taliban one coin with two faces.
        Osamah bin Laden was the best person for the American government and the only ,
        If you look at the Arab Spring revolutions that took place in the Arab States and the claim of democracy and freedom, In all Arab countries know that America is behind the Arab revolutions! The reason, do you know all the Arab countries carried out by the revolutions, all there arms of the military equipment and aircraft and tanks backed by Soviet Union.
        Iraq war weapons from Soviet Union
        Libya war weapons from Soviet Union
        Egypt, Syria, Yemen, etc..
        For this reason, the Arab people hate politics and manipulation by the U.S. government and of using Muslims people to reach the desired>
        Whom are the victims in your opinion?
        Was the only ally to the United States against the Soviet Union, in other words, close friend.
        And then after the collapse of the Soviet Union turned the U.S. government against him.
        What the Soviet Union still has some power, how are completely eliminated (by stopping the sale of weapons to countries that arms by the Soviet Union to be replaced by U.S. weapons.
        I think the best area in the world for the marketing arms is the Middle East.
        I will tell you more if you like.

  2. Does Obama think at all,….hmmm thought he had a czars & Valerie to do that…

  3. Great post.:) Sean Hannity played sound bites from Laura Logan today. He said she should be president.:) I love the Reagan quote too. So true. The 2nd and 3rd related links here are my posts.;)