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Democrats: Using The Same Tactic For 200 Years

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  1. Look, it’s easy to verify that we have been here before. There are two broad stripes that run around the earth. One of the stripes is the liberal one. It runs across many countries and many time periods.

    Whereas we were raised to believe that conservatives are more staid and tend to want to keep the status quo, with the reverse being true of the liberal mind…Well, as in anything to do with liberalism, the exact reverse is ALWAYS true. Listen to what a lib says, turn it around 180 degrees and then you’ll know what he really thinks.

    The fact is that conservatism is the mindset of change on this planet, where liberalism is the reverse. The constant hoodoo.

    Which brings me to my point. If you have the time, visit http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ … This is about a collection of right at one jillion online newspapers running from 1836-1922. Of particular interest is, say, the period from 1890 onwards. You will find train loads of proof that the liberal socialist mindset is eternal. Folks back then were facing the same kinds of liberal viciousness, lying, cheating, revisionism, revolutionism, and all the rest that we’re having to contend with today. It’s all there. You will be astounded…Let me repeat, astounded at the similarities. What’s more you’ll find that the hubs of their madness were much the same then as now….the left coast, Chicago, and all the rest.

    Go read. And if you can’t read, there are lots of pictures.

    The search process is oftentimes slow, about like you’d expect from anything run by the gubment, but with patience you’ll get an eyeful quickly. Simply search common lib terms. Explore the roots of this eternal menace in our own history. It’s fun!

    • Norm, Thanks for that link, I know what I will be doing this weekend.

      • Chris, you’re very welcome and thanks for the reply. I might just add that as you probably know, it all came to a head with Woodrow Wilson. You’ll find boatloads of lib-think during that period. But even better, it’s instructive to go back before that and read what led up to Wilson.

        Naturally, unless you get a grant from George Soros to do a proper job of it, there is more there than one human can do unless he’s paid to do it. But you’ll get plenty to ponder even in a couple of hours.

        On the flip side, it’s also a very pleasant nostalgic spot for modern progressives to go wallow in the beginnings of communism, socialism, and even fascism, which is all of a coin. Those are all great keywords, btw!

  2. Hi,
    I want to respond real quick to this article. I think it is telling that in order to raise the specter of voter fraud you have to go back over a century. There have been allegations of voter fraud since, but in the past ten years there has not been enough fraud to cause even a statistical anomaly.
    I also want to say that you couch your outrage in a fairly misleading context. Referring to Democrats as the tax and spend party suggests that A)Republicans don’t tax and B) Republicans don’t spend. I can assure you, they do both. Most of their emphasis however is on the spending. Recall the Iraq war (which was not paid for), the Afghanistan war (which was not paid for), a prescription drug benefit for seniors (unpaid for) and the Bush tax cuts (which were unpaid for). You blithely throw out the $16 trillion dollar figure, but you aren’t stupid. You know that most of that debt didn’t come from Obama, and didn’t come from Democratic policies. I know that Republicans hate it when they hear that the state of the economy came from poor decisions made impulsively during the Bush Administration, but that does not mean it stopped being true. And what has Romney suggested to fix it? Not to change the benefits of Obamacare, but to take out the part where we pay for it, not to change benefits for seniors, but also to cut taxes, to increase the size of the Navy by 15 ships every year, and not to pay for it…I have to wonder, do people with a similar understanding of math take care of your finances? If so, I would double check their work.

    • First if you think that there is no voter fraud today then you live with your head in the clouds, it’s been going on for over 200 years and still exists. What number of voter fraud is significant to you 100, 500 10,000 If one person votes illegally that cancels out a legal vote and that all Americans should be concerned about. If one of you guys could leave a comment without blaming Bush I would have a heart attack. Obama has been in office for 4 years when is he going to strap on some balls and take responsibility for his actions. As far as Tax and Spend with a 16 trillion dollar debt the Democrats don’t want to cut all they want to do is borrow , tax and spend that’s all they know.

  3. Chris, Where ever you get your ideas from, keep going there, another great article. Keep-up the good work