Crossing the AZ Border. . .Almost. . .

By | October 31, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Crossing the AZ Border. . .Almost. . .

  1. Jan Brown

    I would hope that after getting a chuckle from the original video, readers will take time to view the others….while there are some ‘all about me’ residents there, they’re a dwindling number. Each & every day those of us ‘paying attention’ see these incursions chipping away at OUR America. Because political ambitions by the power to change gang are wither incapable or unwilling to follow laws in place, there are countless numbers of American Citizens near this border that are forced to live in fear…not freedom.

    1. Teresa Wendt Post author

      You are right Jan. They are more than chipping away at our country. In several areas of Southern AZ there are warning signs posted to citizens to keep out due to dangerous cartel. Our ranchers both along the border and in the travel paths must remain vigilant against the smugglers (of both drugs and humans). If they pull a gun to stop the trespassers and protect their property they, themselves, risk arrest. It is a serious problem.

      1. Jan Brown

        Teresa, I lived in Phoenix for years, have friends in St David area & now am on the I-20 corridor in SW Texas. I have spent about 7-8 yrs ‘trying’ to motivate the powers that be to ‘just enforce the law” & inform others through my One American notes & different organizations. When legal American citizens are forced to live in fear instead of freedom there is no logic to not using all tools available, even if that means folowing the laws..(new idea..right?) J. Napolitano was no friend to Arizona as govenor & certainly not now. If people don’t see the humane side, I’d like to have them add the dollars up. Thanks for helping keep this in front.

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