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7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Clinton assembles legal defense team

  1. Jan Brown

    “Murder In Benghazi” is more than a chilling mystery. The only absolute is that the pages are filled with verified lies & corruption, that, in the most gentle of terms, is deliberate cover up coated in caca de toro by this nefarious administration. There is no ignorance here, just their lack of ‘getting the story straight”
    The final chapter, if written, will be done by FOX or thinking Americans on Internet site.

    Nov 6th is National “TAKE A NEIGHBOR TO VOTE” day

  2. Col.Grampaw

    As much as I dislike Hillary, I despise and hold in the greatest comtempt her boss, and would gladly be willing to see her granted immunity from prosecution (provided she and Bill disappear from public life) if she was willing to testify against the fraud occupying our White House! Can’t wait for Nov 7 to start a new era in re-establishing my country’s greatness!

  3. Ronald Christopher

    So ole Hillary got a legal defense team??? Better take ole Bill’s advise and resign. We are coming to take you away, to the funny farm, where life is gay all day long. You are a co-conspirator Hillary. You and obama murdered Stevens and three others. Obama’s plan cracked and you are caught in the middle. Resign and tell the American people the truth. Besides, we know that obama is going to use American tax dollars to pay off your campaign debt if you stick with him, but what is honor worth Hillary? Did you sell your soul to the devil (obama)?

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