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Christian University taken over by liberal bias?

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  1. There are a not of baseless editorial comments in this article and outright inaccuracies. First, Young Americans for Freedom did not try to start a chapter at APU. It was Young America’s Foundation. If you can’t even get the basic facts correct, then no one should even begin to listen to your comments about the event. You clearly have no idea what happened.

    Conservative groups exist at APU, but YAF was denied because the way they deal with differences of opinion does not meet the university’s stated Christian values. You present no evidence that APU has been influenced by California, nor any evidence that APU students cannot think rationally and critically. You have made the leap from one group being denied a relationship to a private university equalling the conclusion that it must be a bad education. Many other groups have been denied, including liberal and progressive ones, for the same reason. APU has been very consistent its decision making when affiliating with outside groups in ways that have nothing to do with politics and have more to do with religious beliefs.

    APU’s position is stated very clearly here:

    • My bad — YAF has another YAF in it — Young Americans for Freedom. So the fact is correct. But it would be nice to see some more balanced reporting of what happened instead of jumping to conclusions that have no relationship to a private university making decisions about who it will affiliate with based upon its institutional values.