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3 thoughts on “Branco Cartoon – Hope Strategy

  1. ShawnLibertarian

    I hate Obama
    but the the US has 40 military bases in the middle east and Iran has been sanctioned as hard as possible. The only thing anyone can do is assemble 1 million soldiers for a land invasion, other than that all viable options have been tried (bombing mountains won’t work).
    what more could anyone do to Iran?

  2. Valorie

    I can’t believe there were people who thought Obama would make a great president…how gullible can some be. The sad part of it is…these same people are willing to vote for him again. Jello for brains. We’re all doomed if he stays in the White House another 4 years.

    Great cartoon, Tony.

  3. Jan Brown

    Great !!! This must be the little acorn on the ground that got stepped on & is cracked as cracked can be!! Hope you’re already looking for a new subject ’cause you have me hooked

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