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Bill Clinton told Hillary To Resign, US Arming ‘Syrian Rebels’ With Ties To Al Queda

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  1. Don’t forget John McCain. He’s been arming al quaeda and dropping tons of weapons throughout the region, for years. Nothing will come of this because the demublicans are all in the same box of american government terrorists and arm dealers.

  2. I will never forget the deranged cackling hen laughter Hillary Cinton gave in response to Libyan leader Momar Gadafi being murdered without any due legal process whatsoever by “militants”. The images of his execution was one of the most disturbing images I have ever seen in the media since 9-11. He was dragged out of his car by armed thugs, stunned after a reported missile attack from NATO on his escape car from a city, beaten like a dog a shot. Hey, I wasn’t a fan of that eccentric Dictator but the country was one of the most stable, literate African countries and with the highest standard of living (I believe from sources I’ve read). I recall U.S. corporate media aka the “military-industrial complex” (Ike warned everybody about: nobody listened) talking about the benefits of an “Arab Spring” in Libya and justifying why the West should be supporting armed thugs: in the background I could see Tripoli and it was so clean and well-manicured it could have been Palm Springs!!

    Look: I don’t support ANY dictator whom I define as someone lacking compassion for the living and dead. I could swear that day Hillary showed utter disregard for justice and human rights and exposed herself as a phony Zionist representative for “democracy”… and if anyone really looks at what’s happened..or what may happen to that whole region with U.S. terribly mistaken support of puritanical Sunni Muslim fundamentalists against the Assad regime (Al Qaeda: or them fine folks who brought you 9-11, remember?) it is a very unpromising look at any real possibility for “peace” or “democracy” in the Middle East as long as the West follows the agenda of the military-industrial complex.

  3. It will be investigated. The American people will find out what really happened.

    • Hillary Clinton has been loyal to BHO long enough. She can retain her credibility with the American people by separating herself from him and his ilk. No one will question her loyalty now that she, too, has been sacrificed on the altar of BHO’s hubris.

  4. I hope everyone realizes that she will remain as Secretary of State during the transition period which will easily extend into the middle of 2013 if not later. She should be part of the closed hearings and any further investigations.
    You can read some more here:

  5. The electorate in America has been changing fairly rapidly from moderate conservative right of center to progressive liberals left of center. This is a dangerous shift and, in the long run, will not work. People are enamored with Socialism, and interestingly, its really never worked as a form of government anywhere for very long. I would say that most Americans do not really know nor understand and know their own history. They have no clue what the price paid in blood and treasure has been to get America to this point. It feels like, instead of protecting the rights we have earned, this electorate wants to throw them away and make changes that have serious consequences. If Obama is re-elected, and because of the above he probably will, then the Constitution will be under serious attack from the left controlled Democratic party.

    All one has to do is look to how the government has handled the NY hurricane crisis and then wonder what makes the average citizen think government will improve the health care system. Its madness. Yet, many people would take to violence before admitting the shortcomings of progressivism. It seems to almost be a mental condition………


    All right America, wake up! Yeah, for some of you it’s time to pull your head out of the sand. Yes I know it hurts to face reality from time to time. There are now reports that the President gave the order of “Stand Down” to the military during the attack in Benghazi. I ask why? You all should do the same before you vote on Tuesday or whenever you vote. Why did this American President not want to send in re-enforcements to help other Americans? This stinks to high heaven, and we need to get to the bottom of it BEFORE the election. I mean really, do we want what could be a radical Muslim sitting in the White House as the President of this great nation? This whole Benghazi thing is pointed right at that. Come on America WAKE UP! What’s it going to take to get you people supporting Obama to realize what is going on here with this guy? Why won’t the President come clean on Benghazi? Why is he stalling and why are there main steam me
    dia outlets not reporting what they know about how this President ordered the military to “Stand Down” when other Americans were under attack? OK, some of you might say that the President didn’t know what was going on at the time—didn’t have enough information at the time to make a good decision of whether or not to send in military help. I know you’re giving the President the benefit of the doubt—the “Fog of War.” But documents have come forth that were sent to the State Department THREE WEEKS before the attack that stated that the situation was getting worse and that they requested more security and they didn’t think they could hold off an attack on the Consulate from radical groups. They specifically outlined the threats that were mounting. Come on America, what’s it going to take? Do you want to find out AFTER the election that Obama was really running guns to Al-Qaida during this whole situation in Benghazi and that’s why he won’t come clean? Is that when you will face the reality of what we are dealing with here—that there actually might be a radical Muslim sitting in the White House who has no regard for this great nation and wants to tear it down piece by piece and transform it into something we don’t recognize? When will you wake up? I submit it will be too late if Obama get’s re-elected to an office where he swore to protect the lives of American citizens so help him God. America, WAKE UP, before it’s TOO LATE!


  8. If American military leaders are fired, retired or reassigned for attempting to rescue four distressed Americans, we have to know the details. This could be one of the most outrageous failures of an American president in our nation’s history.

    Please help us get to the truth through petition!


  9. It’s been said that while Ambassador Stevens was having dinner with the Turkish Gen Counsel at the “safe house” – they started hearing things going on outside and Stevens got concerned. Well, the Turkish Gen Counsel strolled right out the front door and nothing was done to him. Sound like a set up to you? The whole thing is fishy as hell.

  10. i agree with most of what everyone is saying and agree an investigation should and Im sure will be done. After any elections. however, I hope those young voters who were seeking a supposedly change when they voted Obama in office now realize they will never be like those young kids of the 60’s, who did change the country, good of bad.. you need to really see who is seeking office,also understand its not the President who rules but your Congress and Senate, so that decision is extremely important as well.