Bill Clinton told Hillary To Resign, US Arming ‘Syrian Rebels’ With Ties To Al Queda

By | October 24, 2012

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59 thoughts on “Bill Clinton told Hillary To Resign, US Arming ‘Syrian Rebels’ With Ties To Al Queda

  1. Tom

    Karma indeed-wasn’t she on the judiciary panel to impeach Nixon? She (and her serial rapist/perjurer husband)are the epitome of 60s counterculture hipocracy.


      I want to say about Hilary that I am right on with you. She was known as the biggest b**ch in
      the white House. Rude beyond measure to all the Security staff.
      The Clinton’s were merciless. Many people were
      were killed on their path to power.
      Clinton even alluded to the death threats from the Obama people.
      Why in God’s name are they in his cabinet and on his side?
      Can a presidency in 2016 be worth it? With what’s left of this country?
      You’re right, string them up.

  2. Rick

    Please don’t worry. President Romney will correct the problem.

  3. james

    when you wake up and ask… what happend….don’t ask me i didn’t vote for change…change never came with a plan 1st time either just change… that is what we got… sure made things …well… not for the best… change we have. but has it worked…no! you have a plan only people who can think for ones self can see and sad some can not think but have to be ordered to what they want and need .. i think i can think to know what i want and need romney/ryan yes… you come with freedom from our founding fthers who fought so we could have rights… for those founding fathers i will stand up for rights and freedom so the ones who fought for all to have this i will do my part romney/ryan so what our founding fathers did for us will not be in vain.straight from the horses mouth when you don’t have a plan stand and le and put all balme on the other side… hummmmmm! so really how are we better off?! never in history hav we been so in debt and 3 months after office the debt was made more than all the presidents put together from geroge washingto to now!!!! sure wasn’t bush he is in office and i want a leader who attends briefings and can admit a mistake no more blame game i want an adult in office.with temper fits! romney/ryan yes… yes…yes!!!!

    1. denis byrne

      James: Bush Jr started an UNJUST WAR IN IRAQ under false pretenses….that is now rather obvious, and he increase the natl debt to pay for that unjust war…Then comes chef obamma with his book cookin program….another five trillion in natl debt… Mitt and Paul will surely have their hands full.. Do not these liberal pundits at NBC even have a clue that the economy is slow because there it too much debt—that means private and public sector…

    1. bill

      whomever, Why do i feel like its people like you who really are the problems in this country. Educate yourself MORON!

  4. Tony

    The reason Obutthead refused sending more security to the embassy was he didn’t want them there. His plan was to have they embassy attacked, Ambassador Stevens would be captured alive and taken hostage. Obutthead would then devise a plan and send in a Seal team to recue Stevens right befor ehte election..

    The only proble was, the 2 retired Navy Seals had other ideas. Instead of laying down their weapons and surrendering they fought back. They killed upeards of 30 t0 40 ragheads. Obutthead didn’t know Stevens was dead that’s why he refused sending in help when they asked 3 different times. Help was less then 1 hour away.
    Both Seals were killed 6 1/2 hours after the attack started,both taken out by mortar fire while trying to protect the American’s still at the embassy.

    When it was reviled that Stevens was dead, that’s when Obutthead decided to use the video defense.

  5. Nina

    This is the stupidest assertion I’ve heard in my life!! Why would Obama wants all this problem before the elections?? To make look good to the idiot of Romney?? You are all as idiot as Romney

        1. John Gee

          @Ted @dnm,, Wouldn’t that be dumbest and not stupidest?
          I agree, on Ovomits cabinet & Liberal, good grammer Nina Demonrat…

    1. Jan Brown

      Nina , You’re right ! Obama wouldn’t want this problem at election time. Sadly, with his vast lack of leadership skills, he isn’t in control. The Community Organizer ability doesn’t extend into the Presidency & he was thrown into water over his head by his own Party. Now, they’re holding him under water. This Bengahzi issue does not make Romney look good…it makes Obama look as he is.

    2. Yefuneh

      Nina, You’re right about one thing—of course Obama does not want these problems before an election—HENCE, the cover-up!!! “He couldn’t possibly be that stupid to do such a thing” has never stood as a good defence for anyone, but especially a politician.

  6. Nathan

    This isn’t the biggest coverup in the history of the United States. 9/11 is the biggest coverup in the history of the United States. Remember Building 7!

    The secret alliance with Al Queda goes way back.

    1. Tony

      Not sure if it was for the blind sheik, just so Obutthead could look strong right before the election. There are to many things pointing to Obutthead almost wanting the embassy attacked and his refusal to send help afterwards.

  7. Jan Brown

    As is the pattern, mainstream media has all but ignored the story, much less let facts get in the way. We are beginning to see the Obama-Media love affair cool, but it is up to you & I to share this information with others using means available.
    Danny J has made an excellent point…there are 3 dangerous months that the pen is still in Obama’s hand & that many speaking out will put a target of some size on our own back. It’s decision time, which is most important to you? A life of Freedom that has been fought & died for OR slavery through a socialist government.

  8. Virginia Corbitt

    The Embassy coverup confirms that Obama and his people think the American people will belive any thing he says. He is that arrogant. We are not stupid enough to think he is telling the truth. He knew Americans were dying and he went on with his fund raising,Letterman visit, etc…

    1. SUSANM


      1. Brian Lux

        Interesting the comment about lying. I remember both Obama and Hilary Clinton publically stating that Jersusalem was the undivided eternal capital of Israel. Now, in power, they will happily a massacre of Jewish presence in the Middle East, carrie dout by their friends from the Arab Spring, ie the Muslim Brotherhood. IF there is a God, I hope he/she gets into the minds of the US folk, and they vote in Romney. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but I’ll sleep easier!

        1. tiredofobama

          You and I both…Obama is a lying filthy liberal, communist, muslim butt kissing fag…he needs to go and NOW!!!

          1. MBH

            Yes, tell us how you really feel? You forgot gay, Muslim, Marxist bent on the destruction of America and Israel.

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