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Bill Clinton told Hillary To Resign, US Arming ‘Syrian Rebels’ With Ties To Al Queda

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About Rebeca Diserio–After the tragic death of her first husband, LA County Deputy Sheriff Stephen Blair (Gang Unit, Compton, CA), in the line of duty, she became a Conservative Writer, Activist, and Speaker. She worked on Star Parker’s campaign, co-managing a district office. Currently, she is the CEO & Executive Producer of FIDELIS RADIO NETWORK, and host of the REBECCA DISERO show. She resides with her 3 sons, 3 dogs and 3 cats.


  1. I find this whole witch hunt totally stupid! Think with your own brain Republicans!

    • If one of the men who were killed was closely related to you, would you still feel this is a witchhunt? We deserve answers as to what happened in Lybia, somebody has to be held accountable for this terribly event. Hilary and Obama don’t care about American lives lost, but they care about what the Muslim World thinks about them. We want to know the truth, tell us what happened and we will be satisfied.

    • A “witch hunt” usually doesn’t include your husband telling you to resign–this stemmed from dems, not the republicans! Hopefully everyone will use their brains and VOTE FOR ROMNEY!!!

    • witch hunt my ass….tell that to the family of the fallen ambasodor and the fallen soldiers…bet you won’t have any teeth left…

    • Seriously, a witch hunt? How is this a witch hunt? Is discovering the facts of what happened in the murder of US Citizens abroad a witch hunt to Obama lovers? Is ANYTHING that doesn’t support The One acceptable to you people? Or is he truly a god in your eyes, above any reproach no matter what he does? Try thinking at all.

    • Witch Hunt? Wake up moron! Obama is the greatest threat to this country yet. Far greater than all the other problems we face…people are still chanting “Hope and change” in front of their little Obama shrines. His policies have done grave damage to our country…anyone that can’t clearly see this is an imbecile. He has accrued monumental debt… 33% of the total debt since we became a country. Yet he has only been president for almost four years. Let that evil socialist stay in office and he will run our debt to $21 trillion. And that is a FACT based on his current spending and planned policies. Under his presidency, he will achieve his father’s dream of reducing America to a non-entity. He, like his father, hates wealth and believes in redistribution, big government, high taxes, and mega government regulation. Crush wealth and force everyone to depend on the government…that is his plan. It makes me very angry when people are so stupid that they refuse to see and accept the obvious. Nobody wins but him.

    • Yes, I know you find it stupid, but that is because you would do the same thing — murder American citizens — if you were in the president’s shoes. Like all liberals, you are a coward incapable of thinking and incapable of valuing human life.

    • Okay Penetta, get off of it! The Leo sh!t won’t work here. You’ve been had. Your dirty….No, your a filthy communist! So is your boss!….

  2. Yesterday Rush said: “Keep a sharp eye on Hillary Clinton on this, because I will lay you a dollar to a doughnut that whenever this is exposed, she will have covered her tracks, and probably somewhere in a file waiting to be discovered, is that she took every bit of action she could to avenge this and was turned down. She alerted the White House. She did everything she was supposed to do. She’s falling on the sword now, but that’s for the campaign. But she’s not gonna take the fall for this. Bill Clinton and Hillary are not gonna let her take the fall for this. Somebody’s gonna take the fall for this at some point.”


    It’s reported by HillBuzz that some of Obama’s staffers are already looking for jobs back in Chicago. The thinking is: “They need to get out before the investigations start and suddenly saying you worked for Barack Obama becomes a red flag on your resume instead of a prestige listing”.


  3. SO….it sounds like Hillary tried
    OBAMA Lied

    this vets report: Obama UNFIT for duty!

    • and this Veteran seconds that!!

      • (obviously we’ve completely thkaedjacred here and I contributed. My apologies.)Dan,You mention the Saudis I would include them in the category of monarchies that I was referring to in my comment. In general, the government systems in the Middle East are a problem, the Saudis are certainly included in that perspective.Don’t worry, in regards to ME governments, it’s not just the Ba’athists in Syria I dislike and would like to see replaced.Dan, you complain that removing Syria’s governments would give Islamists free reign. Though I understand what you are talking about, I see the picture a little differently. In an odd way, the authoritarian Middle Eastern republics (including Syria’s government) assist the Islamists. I don’t mean the governments and Islamists are intentionally in league with each other. Rather, I see the authoritarian republics and the Islamists as the two sides of the vice grip that crushes Middle Eastern civil society.Yes, if you remove the authoritarian government repression then the Islamists will run amok for awhile. But in my view, the removal of the authoritarian government is the necessary first step to breaking that vice grip on the greater population. If you’re going to try to solve the serious problems in the Middle East, combatting the repressive governments is the first step. Fighting the Islamists is the next step.Until we fully deal with the government and Islamist sides of the equation the problems are not going to end. And just for the record, I don’t see these problems going away anytime soon.

  4. The Derna, Libya Ansar al-Shariah cell is led by a former GITMO detainee named Sufian Ben Qhumu. The September 11, 2012 attack on the Benghazi consulate compound that killed Ambassador Stevens, his staffer Sean Smith and the two Navy SEALs was directed and led by Ansar al-Shariah.

    It seems President Obama has been engaged in gun-walking on a massive scale. The effect has been to equip America’s enemies to wage jihad not only against regimes it once claimed were our friends, but inevitably against us and our allies,

    as well. That would explain his administration’s desperate, and now-failing, bid to mislead the voters through the serial deflections of Benghazigate.

    This is Aid and Comfort to the Enemy.! = TREASON.!

    Obama cares only about Obama and nothing else; he cannot tolerate being blamed, nor can he take or admit to fault for his actions no matter who or how many people get hurt.

    He is an ideological radical who is insane, and growing more so with each passing day. He all too easily can have a complete meltdown emotionally/mentally and then truly become capable of anything.

    God Help Us..

  5. The Obama machine is now in meltdown mode, and that makes him dangerous to free men everywhere. His agenda has already set the stage for the coming caliphate and assuming that he he going to be defeated in November he still has almost two and a half months to further his goals. http://www.freedomrings1776.com/2012/10/the-coming-caliphate.html#more

  6. Vote for Mitt Romney, he turns things around for the better for America, while Obama turns things around for the worst for America. Go Romney/Ryan 2012/NOBAMA!!!

  7. If true, this will dwarf any known cover-up my country has ever had. . . even Fast and Furious. One common theme I’m noticing is to arm the bad guys with our weapons. How is this a good thing?

  8. This is horrible I want to share this on my facebook

    • I hope that this has awaken you. Obama is no good, he does not care about Americans, he hates America, his Pastor hates America, his wife said that she’s never been proud of this Country until her husband became President. Don’t you understand, he is bad for America. We need Romney, we need to get back on track to become what we were destined to be, The Greatest Country in the World.

  9. Odd how the video was instantly blamed, almost like they knew about it beforehand.