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5 thoughts on “Bigoted, Racist, No-Good, Evil Conservatives and the Leftists Who Need Them

  1. Jon

    Okay, this may sound like a no-it-all answer, so, sorry in advance. The reference you make to NPR actually provides a link to an article about “Smiley and West.” That particular show is produced by Public Radio International (or PRI) not National Public Radio (or NPR). PRI does not receive federal funding to the best of my knowledge. Now, certain shows produced by PRI can be picked up by a local public radio affiliate, and these affiliates may refer to themselves as NPR member stations, but that just means that they play a certain number of NPR programs. NPR and PRI are actually competitors for airtime, since local affiliates have to pay PRI to play their programs. My favorite PRI program is This American Life, which is played on a lot of NPR member stations which are generically called NPR. Does this make sense? Again, PRI does not take federal funding, and neither do the member stations or affiliates…and the offending program was a PRI show. I think the mixup here is that NPR is used like Coke is often used as a generic term for soda.

    1. Kyle Becker Post author

      Okay, the link was wrong then. I don’t listen to NPR – of any kind – ever. Thanks for pointing this out.

        1. Jon

          Oh, and I meant I would sound like a KNOW-it-all…not a no-it-all.

  2. Jan Brown

    If one is judged by the company they keep then I’m happy to know that WE pass as pretty darn good & capable of thinking for ourselves. I would question that the majority of progressive pursuants even “know”, much less “understand” just what spews forth. I believe that in large part they gravitate towards the bright & shinny objects & easy. Some place along the line we became so intent to give our children things we never had, & forgot to teach them ‘how to think’ & led them to expect ‘entitlement’. Perhaps the magnetic pull to the ‘parentlistic left’ is seeking comfort much like we, as conservtives, seek comfort in the arms of our Creator & find pride in comfronting challanges that let us grow.

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