Benghazi “Intell” Excuse Unravels; CIA Reported Immediately to White House “Militants Responsible for Attack”

By | October 19, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Benghazi “Intell” Excuse Unravels; CIA Reported Immediately to White House “Militants Responsible for Attack”

  1. Jan Brown

    Convient that reports won'[t be complete until ‘after’ the election. This razamataz fron he administration isn’t unexpected, nor is the deriliction of duty. Perhaps my own biggest disappointment is learning that someone I have held in high esteem did not respond when he ‘got the word’. That’s General Petrus. I suppose he was told ‘mums the word’ & being military he followed orders like a good soldier. Still found that disturbing….among other things. Suspect we never will be able but choose which story to believe.

  2. common law p.a.g. Chris

    Benghazi is: “Fast and Furious Mid East”!
    Headz should Roll but likely NOT: till after the SElection? of Coarse; Business as Usual for the Usual suspects: and Talmudist Global Elites

  3. Katie

    the lack of security capabilities there “is not necessarily reflective of anything except for the remarkable transformation that’s been going on in the region.”~~~

    Remarkable transformation going on in the region? I suppose we could say this attack is certainly reflective of transformation in that area. My question, Carney (as the mouth of Obama), is how is this transformation defined by this administration?

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