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An American Wife And Mother, Writes A letter To The First Lady

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  1. This reads like the kind of email forward I would get from my friend’s crazy libertarian dad who liked smoking banana peals because the gubmint hadn’t taken them away yet. All kinds of problems going on in this letter. Let’s start. The second paragraph that starts with: “Let me start” contains no concrete example of anything. It’s all hyperbolic and paranoid and does not come off as even mildly informed. “Your husband is a whisper away from destroying this country.” Really? How? Republicans in Congress have blocked everything he has tried to do for 2 years, he could shout his voice hoarse and we would have the same gridlock. Paragraph that begins “Yes, Michelle Obama” Okay, yes, Mr. Obama plays a lot of golf, but so did Eisenhower. He’s getting things done while playing golf. Also…I don’t think he plays anywhere near as much as you think he does. I have read a lot of accounts of what the president’s day looks like and golf is never mentioned. In fact, the only time I hear about it is in right wing anger posts. As for vacations…no, sorry, considering Obama’s predecessor took literally 1/3 of his presidency as a vacation day this does not get any traction with me, nor should it with a single person who claims to have a working thought process. Paragraph beginning “No Michelle”: Look, I know you may not like everything that Obama does, but he is in no way the most radical president ever. He’s more of a right leaning centrist than anything else. As far as taxes go, your taxes have never been lower. He has pushed some things through by Executive Order, because, guess what? He’s the chief executive! That’s something he can do. Stop equating making use of constitutional authority with kicking a baby. Oh, and look at that last sentence with a red pen…There are a few clarity issues. Also, next paragraph wife’s and mother’s should read wives and mothers. It’s plural, not possessive. That’s neither here nor there, but, c’mon this is an email forward you’re hoping the First Lady of the United States will read and be so blown away she will stop loving her husband. Bring your A game. By the way, instead of praying for the hope Obama glimpsed, you should write your Republican congressman and tell him or her (probably him) to pass some of the legislation that Obama has tried to put through. Like the Jobs Bill last year. Guess what probably would have helped with unemployment? I’m thinking a Jobs Bill! Also, when you look at the pieces of your shattered lives, I have to ask…when was it shattered? Were these Obama policies that did the shattering, or were they Obama policies that didn’t repair Bush policies fast enough for you? (I love the interview Romney gave with Fox News in March of 2009 when he called President Obama a failure. March! You understand he’s not a wizard, right?) Paragraph beginning “You praise your husband” Um, you do realize that there are way fewer public sector jobs than when Obama took office, right? Also, it is easier to negotiate with other countries after elections. You realize that all the posturing between the U.S., Israel and Iran comes mainly from the fact that all three countries are going through election cycles right now, and all potential leaders look better if they rattle their sabres? Also, it’s been four years and we are no closer than the weird Red Dawn doomsday scenario that you suggest, so, no, I don’t think you are a whisper away from being a hostage in your own home. The last paragraph…I don’t know what to say. You’re sort of making him sound like he is a troll who lives under a bridge which makes me wonder, have you been watching the movie Labyrinth over and over and thinking it’s the news? I think we figured out the problem here, and I for one feel better. Oh, and your last two sentences make no sense. You say that you are praying for America to have a day that will live in infamy so Obama will move. That either means that you want him to be elected, or the attack on Pearl Harbor was a good thing. Again, this is a minor clarity issue with your sentence construction and I know what you really meant, but, c’mon, you’re trying to make the First Lady really feel deeply bad about herself, so you really need to go through and edit like you mean it.

    • Jon, I printed it as I received it.

      • Chris, I’m not saying YOU wrote it or are a bad editor. I’ve seen your work. You know how to tie a good sentence together.

    • Jon, you are just like Obama a condescending Liberal. I would rather read something that comes from the heart, than from some holier then thou Liberal. Get a life.

      • I’m not saying it doesn’t come from the heart, but I’d rather read something that had some influence by the head. And I have a life! It’s pretty fantastic. In fact, it’s better now that it was four years ago.

        • This woman took the time and effort to put her feelings on paper and you ridicule her. That’s why Obama is losing the women’s vote
          Just like you very condescending.
          I am glad you are doing better but 67% of Americans are not, because of Obama’s failed policies.

          • First of all, she didn’t put them on paper. She typed them up. I’m not ridiculing her. She’s probably perfectly nice person, and I’m sure if I knew her I would love I would think she was great. But what she has to say in this letter is hyperbolic, disrespectful, and not backed up by anything concrete. When someone says things like our country is a whisper away from collapsing I feel I should take it as seriously as when someone sends me an email forward about what really happened to Vince Foster.

  2. American Wife and Mother,….AMEN!!!!!

  3. A good strong letter, Mrs. Obama should read it.