Americans Bow to No Man

By | October 22, 2012

To whom do you bow?

Our current president bows to many. Perhaps due to his childhood abroad or perhaps due to an earnest desire to appease Europeans. But to many US citizens this subservient action is an insult.

Thomas Jefferson began  shaking hands as a greeting thus ending the tradition of  bowing. Jefferson understood that to be a free citizen of this great republic was the highest achievement of man.

Some see the people of America not bowing  and say that we are arrogant; that we believe in the idea of American Exceptionalism; that we should show deference.

Yet, our country was formed on the belief that all men are created equal. Our military fight and die so that we never have to bow to any man.

Maybe it’s something uniquely American. Maybe we really are arrogant thinking we’re equal to any man. But no matter, as citizens of this country we expect, nay it is imperative, that our president and by definition all people herein bow to no man.

We need a president to lead this country forward once again. We are not happy to settle and we will not bow.

It is time for new leadership.


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