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The Forgotten False Benghazi Narrative

As the truth about what happened at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya continues to slowly trickle out, and more damning details continue to emerge, it seemed as though a trip down memory lane was needed for many who may have not been paying as close attention to the stories that are now surrounding the fateful hours that left four Americans dead. This trip down memory lane is needed, it seems, in order to illustrate that really, from the beginning, this has been nothing short of a deliberate disinformation campaign by some of the most senior, and powerful, people in the White House and Obama Administration. In short, at the beginning of all of this, the President, the Secretary of State, the Director of the CIA AND our senior ambassador to the United Nations, continuously tried to sell the American people on a false narrative that these attacks were sparked by a little seen YouTube clip.

Now, why this isn’t disturbing to more Americans, or the media, is something to be talked about at length elsewhere. But really, when you boil this whole situation down, you have FOUR of the most SENIOR and POWERFUL members of the American government blatantly lying to the American people and the world at large. We’ll review each, starting with the President.

President Barack Obama essentially got in front of the world on September 24, and blamed the Benghazi attacks on Bakoula Nassily Bakoula’s video, “The Innocence of Muslims”. A video clip of the President’s address, along with a quick quote, are included below:

In that speech, the President cites Bakoula’s video six different times, and as the video above shows, states that the “future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet Mohammed.”

So, to reiterate, the President of the United States addressed the United Nations, and told an outright lie to the members of that body. The reasons for this remain unclear.

Next, we’ll look at U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, who also crafted the false narrative of the video being the cause of the attack in Benghazi. In a YouTube clip with an upload date of September 26, Rice also lies. Again, a short video clip with a quote are provided below:

In this clip, Rice says that Benghazi was the result of “the airing on the internet of, the very hateful, very offensive video, that has offended many people around the world” and that “there’s no question, as we’ve seen in the past… there have been such things… that have sparked outrage and anger, and this has been the approximate cause of what we’ve seen”. So, again, two weeks AFTER the attacks, both the President and Ambassador Rice were pushing the false narrative of the video as the cause, even as details were beginning to emerge that this was a coordinated attack that the United States had received intel about before it happened.

Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, participated in the crafting of this false narrative on September 14, when the bodies of Ambassador Chris Stevens, ex-Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, and Stevens’ aide Sean Smith were returned to the United States. Again, here is a video clip with the relevant quote below:

“We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with,” Clinton said in her remarks at that ceremony.

Finally, we have CIA Director David Petraeus apparently pushing the false video narrative to members of Congress in a closed-door meeting around the same time of September 14. This excellent blog post does an impressive job of building the timeline of the administration’s lies in the days following the attacks. From that post, which quoted this ABC News report:

The attack that killed four Americans in the Libyan consulate began as a spontaneous protest against the film “The Innocence of Muslims,” but Islamic militants who may have links to Al Qaeda used the opportunity to launch an attack, CIA Director David Petreaus told the House Intelligence Committee today according to one lawmaker who attended a closed-door briefing.

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, the top Democrat on the House Intel committee, said Petraeus laid out “a chronological order exactly what we felt happened, how it happened, and where we’re going in the future.”

“In the Benghazi area, in the beginning we feel that it was spontaneous – the protest- because it went on for two or three hours, which is very relevant because if it was something that was planned, then they could have come and attacked right away,” Ruppersberger, D-Md., said following the hour-long briefing by Petraeus. “At this point it looks as if there was a spontaneous situation that occurred and that as a result of that, the extreme groups that were probably connected to al Qaeda took advantage of that situation and then the attack started.

(emphasis added by Diana West)

So there you have it. FOUR of the most senior administration officials, including the President himself, seemed to have a concerted messaging campaign ready and loaded as a response for the Benghazi attack. At every step, they blamed a rarely seen YouTube video as the cause of what we now know to be a pre-planned and coordinated terrorist attack on our Consulate in Benghazi. Why this doesn’t interest the media is beyond me, other than to blame their liberal bias and their apparent adulation of President Obama.

Regardless, we must also find answers to these questions: WHY did these senior officials lie time and again as to the cause of the attacks? WHY was Bakoula’s video singled out? WAS this response pre-planned, and to be used as a cover/scapegoat for ANY of the attacks that happened on American assets throughout the world on 9/11/12? I could keep going, but I think we’re good for now.

In closing, I’d like to share a fun Condescending Wonka meme I created as a result of all the lies and misdirection that have so far marked the Benghazi tragedy. For those of you who are familiar with this story and are trying to relate the importance of it to others who may not know what’s going on, just show them this :

Even Condescending Wonka sees that Benghazi is a major story

Crossing the AZ Border. . .Almost. . .

When you don’t have enough manpower to monitor the border strange things can happen.

The men in this Jeep cleverly set up tracks on both sides of the fence from Mexico into Arizona. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite figure the angle of the track and the length of the Jeep.
Those in the Jeep escaped back into Mexico where they will surely try again another day.


Attn Seniors: Obamacare is Not Medicare Friendly

What will happen when your grandma falls and breaks her hip? Will she get the care she deserves?

This young man’s grandma worked hard raising her family and once the kids were raised went back to school so she could work outside the home. Is it right that the promised Medicare services, the program she paid in to for years, may now be cut just at a time she really needs it? Will the doctors she wants be there for her? Will she be sent home before she’s ready just because there’s no more money in the budget for her diagnosis?

Here’s a new PAC ad reminding senior citizens that Obamacare is scheduled to make big changes in their Medicare program. Cuts that will be made to Medicare may not increase the cost to seniors but will reduce the reimbursement to the physicians and hospital causing more doctors to stop taking Medicare patients. The result will be less choice and a more difficult time finding a quality doctor. Hospitals will still take Medicare patients but may have fewer on staff to deliver care.

Super PAC for America is chaired by Ronald Reagan’s oldest son Michael, a strong supporter of programs from the Reagan era.

Super PAC for America was founded to advocate for a President and Congress that supports limited government, less taxes, free enterprise, a strong national defense and positive American values.

Share this short ad with your friends who are concerned about themselves, their parents or their grandparents continuing to have quality health care.

 Vote November 6. And if you know a senior who needs a ride take them along.


“He Said, She Said” with Demetrius & Stacy. *ELECTION SPECIAL*

  When: Wed, Oct 31, 10PM EST/7PM Pacific

Where: Listen live:

What: Have you ever wondered what Black Conservatives think about the political issues of today? Well wonder no more, “He Said, She Said” with Demetrius and Stacy. brings you an inner peek into the mind of the conservative: bold, full strength, and unfiltered.

Tonight: Special guests: Christy Setzer (Twitter: @christyNHC), President of New Heights Communications and Democratic strategist, and Loren Heal (Twitter: @lheal), RNC delegate for Illinois 15th Congressional District and blogger for FreedomWorks.


Still Undecided? Think Jobs, Gas, Groceries & Your Budget

It’s down to the wire and still there are some undecided voters.  If you know them ask a simple question, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” It’s the simple question Ronald Reagan asked voters following four challenging years under the Carter administration.

The question is as valuable today.

Has your income kept pace with your expenses? Median Household income down nearly $4,000 2008-2012. DOL Number of Americans on Food Stamps UP 70% since 2008. DailyCaller

How is your grocery budget? Are you spending more for the everyday items? What’s the cost of bacon, Detergent? Coffee? Coke?  Safeway ad Oct 2008: Betty Crocker cake mix .58, braeburn apples .88/lb, Progresso soups $1.00

Are you paying so much more for gas that you’ve had to adjust your schedule? Are you driving less? Taking fewer trips?  Average gas price October, 2008 $2.82 USA Today

Do you know someone who is looking for a job? Or someone who had to take a lesser paying job because they couldn’t find anything else? Maybe they’re working two jobs to make up for it? 30% part time workers want full time jobs. NYT

Are you finding your family with less cash and changing activities to those that don’t cost as much? Summer 2012 movie attendance lowest in decades. Hollywood Reporter

What’s the value of your house? Are you upside down? Home values down average 16% since 2008. Progressive Policy Have you lost your home? Do you know someone who is struggling and trying to decide whether to stay in the house or just walk away? Did the president promise to cut through the red tape but the loan people didn’t get the same message? Roughly 4 Million families have lost their homes from 2008 to 2012. NYT

Were you excited that you would be getting ‘free’ preventative health care procedures through your health care until you learned that your insurance costs would increase ten percent or more? Premiums for health insurance have increased an average of $2370 from 2009 to 2012. ABC News If you know a senior are they worried about the upcoming cuts to Medicare necessary to fund the new ‘Affordable’ Health Care Act? Obamacare will cut Medicare $716 Billion. Washington Post

What about those college age kids you know? After being told they must attend college to get a job are they now working part time at the fast food restaurant and living with a roommate (or worse, back home) because they’re now having to pay back those college loans but the job market is so tight businesses can hire workers with great experience rather than the inexperienced college grad?  53% college grads are jobless or underemployed. The Atlantic

Has there been an opportunity for a new business or industry in your area but the EPA, NEPA and its increased powers through executive order are holding it up maybe forever? EPA regulations could mean over 880,000 coal-electric jobs lost per year. Daily Caller

Do you know someone in the military who, mid-career, suddenly has found himself unemployed with no benefits? Or a worker for one of the many defense contractors who are hearing rumors of cuts as the DoD loses one-third of its budget? Defense industry bracing for additional $500 Billion in cuts. Reuters

Barack Obama campaigned on Hope and Change. Are you feeling it? Do you want more of the same?

If you don’t want a repeat of the past four years it’s important you take the time to vote. . .and take a friend.

Christian organization launches Hurricane Sandy volunteer site

BOSTON, Oct. 31, 2012  — Families affected by Hurricane Sandy can post their needs and service opportunities online at The website was launched by TechMission, a Christian nonprofit organization based in Boston, which also runs one of the largest online volunteer matching websites,

The goal of is to match needs of families with resources of church members.

  1. Individuals can post requests for assistance on the website in areas such as tree removal, neighborhood cleanup, and home repair.
  2. Churches can post needs for members, or upload a spreadsheet of resources, needs, and volunteer opportunities.
  3. Volunteers can search a comprehensive list of resources, needs, and volunteer opportunities related to Hurricane Sandy. These needs can also be viewed on a map. The site also pulls in feeds of volunteer opportunities from AllForGood and, in order to have a comprehensive list.

The site offers volunteer opportunities in numerous areas, including:

  • distributing food at American Red Cross food pantries
  • assessing disaster recovery needs with Red Cross Disaster Services in eastern Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania
  • supervising at shelters in New Jersey and New York State
  • helping with hurricane cleanup with Serve Rhode Island
  • providing training on emergency preparedness

In explaining the vision of the site, Andrew Sears, Executive Director of TechMission, said, “Just like the Internet can connect millions of buyers and sellers, our goal is to connect needs with resources of churches in response to Hurricane Sandy.” was funded by the Cecil B. Day Foundation and is being provided by the Christian non-profit, TechMission (

Record early voting in Iowa, U.N. observers present

In-person absentee voting, similar but different than early voting, is going full steam in the Hawkeye state where early and absentee voting totals have already surpassed 2004 totals and are nearly topping 2008 numbers.

Iowa Secretary of State spokesman Chad Olsen told Conservative Daily News that 531,996 of the 1,936,901 actively registered voters have voted as of Tuesday. With 27.5% of the registered vote having been pulled in already and early voting going until November 5th, it is conceivable that upwards of 35% could vote before election day.

In 2004, 460,059 Iowa voters chose to vote prior to election day. In 2008 that number rose to 545,739 – less than four thousand more than have voted so far in that state. By any measure, Iowa is on-pace for record early voting.

Registered Democrats took the lead in requesting absentee ballots and getting them turned in. Democrats had requested 44.4% of all ballots and had turned in 46.3% of the total ballots received as of October 23rd. Republicans accounted for 31% of the ballots requested and had turned in 32.6% of all received ballots. Independents have turned in 21.8% of the total ballots received.

Fast forward to this week and as of October 30th,  Democrats equal 43.7% of all early votes while Republicans account for 32.2% and Independents are 24%. Democrats are strongly participating in early voting – a strong result for a heavy Democrat get out the vote effort that has focused on getting the base to vote early.

81.3% of all absentee ballots requested by Democrats have now been turned in while 84.1% of Republican ballots and 75% of Independent ballots have been turned in. That leaves 53,390 Democrat ballots, 32,409 Republican ballots and 42,650 Independent ballots yet to be returned. Mitt Romney leads Obama by 16-20 points among Independents in recent polls which could indicate a large contingent of early ballots out for Romney coming from unaffiliated voters.

37.4% of registered Democrats have voted as of October 30th. 27.3% of Republicans have voted and 18.6% of Independents. There is a flood of Independent voters that are waiting until the last minute to vote and will make a huge impact on the results in Iowa.

By the time early/absentee voting is completed in Iowa next Monday, it is likely that 65-70% of Iowa voters will be left to cast ballots. Considering who has already voted, that remaining 65% will likely be heavily leaning Romney.

In relation to the early vote, Mr. Olsen also told CDN that the Secretary’s office was not aware of any legal challenges and that no major issues were being experienced. Mr. Olsen also confirmed that the United Nations had election observers in the state. Olsen said that the U.N. has “two election observers in Iowa, with 2 more due to arrive. We have met with the 2 representatives and informed them that they are not allowed to observe activity at polling locations in Iowa and they have stated that they will respect Iowa law.” Poll workers have been instructed to “order the arrest” of any persons present at the polling place that are not specifically permitted to be there by Iowa law.

Iowa voters can vote in person this Saturday at any county courthouse/auditor’s office during normal business hours Mon-Fri including Monday November 5th and Satuday, November 3rd from 9am-5pm due to extended hours.

If anyone observes illegal activity at in-person, satellite or polling locations they are instructed to call the Election Hotline at 1-888-SOS-VOTE.

Romney Will Kill Medicaid – Really!

When you can’t run on a record, what is one to do? Scare the masses, of course. It’s a bonus if you can demonize the opposition at the same time. The latest, non-disaster related scare tactic falls under healthcare. Paul Krugman is leading the charge on this one, giving the public an inaccurate lesson on the inner-workings of the Medicaid system. Of course, he’s doing this because evil Mitt Romney will gut the program if elected. Obviously, that’s not the important part of what Krugman said.

DoNotLick (CC)

So, what was so blatantly wrong with Krugman’s little lesson for the masses? Well, we can start with his numbers, since offering any at all is a fallacy. Here is the one plus to not offering many details whilst on the campaign trail. When your opposition attempts to figure out exactly what the impact of your “plans” will be, they honestly can’t. They are forced to lie, because they simply don’t know. (And, in a Presidential race, it really doesn’t matter what either candidate wants to do, since everything needs to get through Congress anyway.) So, for the sake of brevity, we’ll just dispense with the numbers entirely, since there’s no way to prove or disprove them anyway, shall we?

Let’s move on to the meat and bones of this little lesson, to what Medicaid really is, and how it works. Krugman’s so cute when he tries to explain things to the masses. It would be ever so much nicer if he would at least attempt to get the facts, though. It’s really not good when even Wikipedia gets it right, and you don’t. Well, maybe it was the fact-checker’s day off at the Times. Yes, Medicaid is relatively good at keeping medical costs down, but no it is not because of the government. You see, for quite some time now, Uncle Sam has contracted out this part of the government healthcare system to the private sector. Medicaid recipients have private insurance policies with premiums that are subsidized by the government. That also blows a big gaping hold in Krugman’s other claim about governmental largesse – the real reason why the government doesn’t have as much “bureaucracy” in this whole equation is because the government doesn’t actually “do” anything but pay the bills. But, I think that most conservatives already know that. Knowing that Krugman is running about telling liberals this nonsense is useful, though. At least we can point out the errors in their sources.

Now, over at the Independent Women’s Forum, there is something of interest on this issue. They have pointed out that this really shouldn’t be a nationwide ballot issue, but a state one. Now that’s getting back into real Romney territory. That is practically straight out of a Paul Ryan stump speech on healthcare reform – or a Romney one pointing out that healthcare shouldn’t be on the Fed plate in the first place. So, when the whining liberals start claiming that Romney wants to take away their Medicaid, if you’re not just going to smack them (verbally since we don’t want folks going to jail), point out that he wants to let the states handle that program, because they know better what their residents need. It’s simple math and geography here. It’s better to have someone closer to you managing these things, than it is to have some pencil pushers far away, right? Who knows? Maybe you’ll actually get a few fence pole sitters with that logic in the next few days!

Los Angeles Daily News Endorses Mitt Romney

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Daily News, the second largest newspaper in the L.A area, endorsed Republican candidate Mitt Romney for President. Note that the Daily News endorsed Barack Obama in 2008.

FOUR years ago, as America faced serious trouble at home and abroad, this news organization embraced the need for bold change to a different brand of leadership and endorsed Barack Obama for president.

That assessment of the depth of the nation’s problems and the most promising solution was correct in 2008. Regrettably, it applies no less in 2012, after nearly a full term of Obama’s administration. This is why the editorial board urges voters to choose Mitt Romney for president in the Nov. 6 election. He is the leader this country needs for the future. . .

Sad to say, the reservations our editorial board expressed about Obama in 2008 have been borne out. His inexperience in an executive position has been exposed. His naivete about his chances of getting much of his program through a deeply partisan Congress has been cured the hard way.

Instead of taking charge in Washington, Obama has shown unwillingness to take even the most basic step in presidential leadership: picking up the Oval Office phone to bring his influence to bear on reluctant representatives and senators.

Obama’s signature domestic achievement, the Affordable Care Act, is symbolic of his term for another reason: It passed entirely because of Democratic support.

The economy is making an all-too-slow recovery. The nation’s budget problems remain unsolved, portending a new financial crisis ahead. In the ending of the Iraq War and the killing of Osama bin Laden, there is a sense that we’ve already seen the high points of an Obama administration.

And Americans hoping for better from a prospective second term are frustrated by Obama’s failure to explain how four more years would be different. . .

Instead of following through on his hope-and-change message, Obama keeps telling us the limits of hope and change.
We are all for hope and we champion change. Many of this organization’s editorial positions are guided by the belief that change in government is to be sought, not feared. We embrace new leaders, independent thinking, and shaking up the status quo; this philosophy is evident in several other endorsements this fall.

Four years ago, the editorial board’s willingness to change horses in the middle of a churning river led us to call for voters to break the Republican hold on the White House and try a Democrat with a fresh spark.

Today, it leads the editorial board to urge voters to say “enough” to a Democratic administration whose sincere best has turned out disappointing, and install a seasoned leader with a record of fixing problems.

Mitt Romney is that seasoned leader.

This endorsement comes on the heels of a recent poll which showed that the most solid blue state in the union isn’t as supportive of the President this go around.

Quad City Times and Des Moines Register Endorse Mitt Romney

All across the country, newspapers are sending out their endorsements to the candidates of their choice. Last election cycle, then Senator Barack Obama recieved an overwhelming amount of endorsements compared to Senator McCain, but this time around the tides are turning. Two of the most influencial newspapers in the countries have both sided with Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. The Quad CityTimes serves two cities in eastern Iowa (Davenport and Bettendorf) and two in western Illinois (Moline and Rock Island), and they have decided to go with Mitt Romney:

We invested heavily in hope back in 2008.

Our 2012 endorsement of Mitt Romney comes with an imperative for change.

The change that we’d hoped would elevate our economy wound up woefully short. The presidential gambit to place health-care reform ahead of economic recovery jeopardized both. President Barack Obama expended all of the presidential leadership on muscling through health care reform, leaving little for implementation and none for significant economic recovery. . .

The president’s green energy initiatives were intended to launch a U.S. alternative energy boom. Earlier this month, A123 Systems joined the succession of green energy firms that failed after being selected by the Obama administration for preferential grants. Beacon Power. Abound Solar. EnerDel. Solyndra. All stumbled despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants.

The president laments congressional gridlock that fomented under the inflammatory leadership of Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid. The president’s deference to their reckless rhetoric further deepened congressional divide. Obama doesn’t deserve all of the blame. But he merits little credit for any meaningful attempt to bridge the gap. . .

Our hopeful 2008 endorsement went to a promising up ’n comer over a lackluster challenger who botched his first big presidential decision by picking an unqualified running mate. Sen. John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin struck us, and apparently millions of undecided voters, as a calculated political ploy, not a credible presidential successor.

This year, the Republican ticket is led by a candidate with a proven record of moderate governance, legislative leadership and compromise. Mitt Romney arrives at the presidency with global leadership experience and a track record of turnarounds. . .

Today, we endorse a successful leader focused on economic recovery and growth and deficit reduction. We endorse a proven manager who won’t need on-the-job training. We endorse a compromiser who offers the best hope of breaking congressional gridlock.

Most of all, we endorse change.

We endorse Mitt Romney for president.

This combined with the endorsment from the most influencial newspaper in the country, The Des Moines Register, has some wondering if the swing state will swing red this go time around. You can find the entire article concerning The Des Moines Register switch on their site.

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Open Letter To Moms

As a writer for CDN and a political pundit on radio and social media, I often get email responses to my public commentary. This open letter to moms not only captured my attention, but touched my heart so deeply that I felt the need to share it with others.

October 2012

Open Letter to Moms

One of the benefits of being a stay-at-home-mom is grocery shopping on weekday mornings when the stores are quiet. A recent trip to the grocery store, however, became a thought provoking experience. I arrived to find the parking lot full and crowded aisles. Then I realized it was the first of the month.

Like a lot of people I shop at a large discount chain to stretch my grocery dollars. I’ve learned that folks on SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps, do the same. The first of the month is when funds are deposited into SNAP accounts.

My typical grocery shopping experience takes longer than usual. I probably forgot something on my list. My toddler and infant are now tired and cranky, and I’ve now forgotten where I parked. Trying to find my car, I look around the parking lot. There’s a lot of nice cars. SUV’s. Shiny new models. I remember again that it’s the first of the month. This observation has me intrigued. Wile it’s impossible to know exactly who owns which car, and who is on SNAP, it stands to reason that there are some people driving really nice cars who are on SNAP. And it gets me thinking.

My husband drives a 10 year old car. His paycheck is decent enough that he could treat himself to a much nicer vehicle. In fact, we could live in a much nicer house. Heck, I could drive a bigger car; one that doesn’t require the removal of a double stroller from the trunk to make room on grocery shopping days. But my husband chooses to drive an old car. We live in a modest home. And I drive a small car and squeeze 2 car seats in the back. We do this so we can afford to save money. In our savings account in case of emergency. For retirement. So we can put money into our kids’ savings plans. All of these payments are as important to us as real bills, even though they are optional. We won’t be in default if we don’t put away funds into savings. It won’t affect our credit rating if we don’t save for retirement and instead lived paycheck to paycheck, using every last cent to make payments on new, big, shiny cars.

We could forgo these “optional” payments and opt instead to have nicer things. Noticing the cars in the parking lot of a discount retailer on the first of the month makes me think that a lot of people do just that. Then the “Oh no” moment happens. A job is lost. An accident occurs. An illness takes hold. These families that chose to spend it all now need the government to hold their hand as they leave the big house and get into the big car as they head to the grocery store. Land, home and vehicles are not factored into food stamp eligibility. (

I wish more folks would choose to be responsible and not dependent. The “optional” payments made to emergency savings, retirement and college funds are investments for an independent future. It is a purchase of security. Then if an unexpected situation presents itself, the savings account buys the groceries, not the government. It is richer to live modestly but financially secure than surrounded by luxuries that deplete an entire paycheck each month.

This is the lesson I want my children to learn, live and pass on: to be RESPONSIBLE and not dependent.

I am not trying to ridicule or demonize those who haven’t been taught this lesson. Unfortunately, our government and societal norms have made it all too easy to accept the paycheck to paycheck mentality. But the situation in our country has become dire.

As it stands, our national debt is over 16 trillion dollars. It helps to see what 16 trillion looks like. There’s a LOT of zeros! It’s our CHILDREN that will have to bear the brunt of paying this debt, PLUS the interest! It works out to be about $50,000 per child born this year. How will our children afford to drive ANY type of car with that hanging over them?

Aside from making a choice this November for the candidate that will better address our exploding debt, we need to raise the next generation to be responsible, financially independent adults. The president has a job to do, and as mothers, so do we.

– S Tieszen, American Mom

Another Obama Energy Dud

A123 Systems, a Massachusetts-based battery manufacturer, received $249 million from Barack Obama’s failed stimulus program.  At the time they received the money, A123 pledged that the nearly quarter-billion-dollar stimulus money would lead to the creation of thousands of new jobs.

Said company President David Vieau when the company opened a factory in Livonia, Mich., in 2010:

“Over the next several years, we expect to create thousands of jobs in Greater Detroit and plan to continue our expansion in the area as we do our part in helping the U.S. emerge as a global leader in the production of advanced lithium ion batteries.”

Like all stimulus recipients, reporting job creation statistics to was required of A123 Systems.

Recent disclosures reveal only a few hundred positions were actually created before A123 Systems joined with $500 billion failure Solyndra to become part of the growing list of green energy companies which ended in bankruptcy after receiving federal stimulus funds.

The stimulus tracking database’ latest jobs report shows a mere seven positions were created by grant money from April 2012 to June 2012.  When all the reports are combined, since 2009, a grand total of 408 new positions have been created with the stimulus dollars.

That works out to more than $300,000 per job.

How many families suffering the effects of the $50 billion dollar blow delivered by “super storm” Sandy could use some of that money?

Solyndra alone wasted ten times the amount of the estimated repair costs.

Four million people are still without power.

Speaking of power, all the people who have been living without heat or lighting for the past few days have been given a preview of how everyone in the United States will live if Obama is reelected and continues his disastrous energy policies.

The choice could not be simpler.

Sentence America to a new dark age (literally) or elect a new President Romney, who will develop domestic energy.  Not only will the U.S. be freed from the hostile grip of OPEC, the jobs created by development of domestic American energy cannot possibly be shipped overseas.

Campaigns Resume after Sandy

For the first time since monster storm Sandy threatened the northeast, the Presidential campaigns are back in full-swing. All the major players are in battleground states with the exception of President Obama who continues to visit the areas affected by storm damage from Sandy.

Mitt Romney is campaigning in Florida with Governor Jeb Bush while Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is campaigning in Wisconsin. Romney and Ryan are hoping to capitalize on their accelerating momentum evident in recent battleground and independent voter polls.

Former President Bill Clinton is stumping for Obama in Iowa and Joe Biden is holding events in Florida hoping to stem the tide of likely voters moving towards Romney in the final days of the campaign.

The Obama campaign has spent tremendous amounts of time and money to get the Democratic base to the polls early while the Romney camp has focused on getting not-so-committed voters to vote in early polls. The effect these two different techniques has on the election may be critical.

By pulling in his most-committed voters for the early vote, Obama is front-loading his base to pad his early vote numbers. While this will pad early voter totals, it leaves the campaign hoping that less-motivated voters turn out for long lines on election day. The tactic is likely an attempt to create a false wave for bandwagon voters to jump into. Obama hasn’t seen any positive momentum in months and may be working to create the appearance of a turn-around in the week before the election.

Mitt Romney’s campaign has been working to get under-motivated voters to the polls for early voting. Shorter lines and the choice of several days to avoid inclimate weather give those voters fewer reasons to avoid the polls. Romney’s approach seems to be hinging on the idea that his base will turn out on election day no matter what, but others may not.

So far, Obama’s strategy is scoring him some numbers in Iowa – but, that’s it. Nationwide, Romney has a 51% to 46% likely voter advantage vs. Obama according to Gallup. In Ohio, the early voting numbers are about even between Republicans and Democrats and recent polls show Romney taking a slight lead in the Buckeye state by a 50% to 48% margin.

According to the Iowa Secretary of State’s office, voter registration totals as of October 22nd were 626,508 Republican, 621,401 Democrat and 686,649 unaffiliated. The largest voting block in the Hawkeye state is independents among whom Romney leads Obama by 16-20 points in recent polls. The Iowa Secretary of State’s office is also reporting that 531,996 people had voted through October 30th with Democrats casting 43.7% of the ballots vs. 32.2% by Republicans and 24% Independents.  The totals show that  232,462 Democrats, 171,272 and 127,620 Independents have voted so far. That leaves a much larger contingent of likely Romney voters yet to vote in the 2012 election. With up to 20% of independents leaning to Romney, the race in Iowa is still quite close and tipping towards Romney as election day approaches.

Romney’s momentum is carrying into early voting and voter enthusiasm is clearly in his favor, but the election will only go his way if all of the likely voters show up to vote.

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