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Romney-Obama: Two Speeches, Two Views

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  1. The distinction between the two candidates could not be any more clear. The president preaches an old and tired policy that has been espoused by Woodrow Wilson and every progressive president since then. Their quote would make Pres. Kennedy spin in the grave: “ask not what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you”.
    We simply cannot expect to reelect Pres. Obama can see anything different in the economy. It will get worse. What the president simply doesn’t seem to understand is that wealth can be grown the pie can be made larger and we can all have our share. His redistribution of wealth policy is an abject failure. In every country where it’s been tried the pie has effectively been shrunk. How soon we forget that in Stalin’s Russia when he co-opted the country’s farms the farmers failed to produce as much as they did when they were working for themselves thus leading to a great famine which killed more people in the Soviet Union than Hitler did during the Holocaust.
    I strongly urge you to avoid another Holocaust in the United States and vote Pres. Obama and his Chicago thugs out of the White House. And please don’t say “oh it can’t happen here…” Four more years of Pres. Obama will make the wealth flee out of this country and seek other places where you can get an honest return for your investment!
    Good article Michael!

    • Actually the economy is improving and the booming economy of the 1990’s was proof that a stable middle class is essential to growth. Who, exactly, is supposed to pay the bulk of taxes? The middle class? It has to come from somewhere especially considering our country’s infrastructure (roads, etc) is failing. Obama is not a socialist. Please look up the definition. Won’t matter. He’s leading in every imaginable poll. It’ll be fun watching the tea party moan and wail when it happens.

      • Who is supposed to pay the bulk of taxes? The top 5% currently pay 40% of the revenue to the IRS. The top 10% pay 70% of the revenue to the IRS. Meanwhile, 47% of the people pay ZERO income tax.

        The “rich”, those who invest in and/or start new businesses…the ones who HIRE middle class workers, are in the top 5-10% who pay the overwhelming bulk of taxes. Tax them more, and they’ll move their money to Hong Kong or somewhere else with a more favorable tax rate.

        Then, revenues to the IRS go DOWN, not up, investments in America shrivel up and unemployment increases, leaving the middle class to suffer.

        Great plan…NOT!

      • BTW, the economic growth in the 1990 happened AFTER the Republican House and Senate cut the capital gains tax rates…and Democrat Bill Clinton signed it into law.

        Tax revenues to the IRS rose, the economy boomed, and unemployment bottomed out.

        THAT was a good plan. However, the capital gains tax rate reduction happened because of Republicans. Clinton gets the credit because he was in the White House.

        Facts are stubborn things.