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8 thoughts on “Republican Party Treachery Rises Again in Tampa


    Bob, a usual you make some very valid points that are difficult to deny. I hear a great deal of chatter about a 3rd party. It would seem that Ron Paul gave up the idea & registared Republican, & I hear the Tea Party Pariots making similaar noises. While it may inded be a viable move, 60 days out hardly seems the time for it. As you know, I have checked out your friend John Dummett & was most impressed. I am just wondering what you all are doing to promote him & his ideas so that the rest of the country can get to know him?? Perhaps a start at the bottom level in local/state would be better. John does indeed have many of the traits that are true American. NOW we know this can’t be done before November & IF we are to have a Country left after that it seems more productive to stick together & make lemonade out of the lemons rather than wilt from thirst…Some time ago, I sent you & John emails to keep up to date & since I hadn’t heard back, I thought he’d given up on the idea for now.

    1. Bob Russell Post author

      Jan, we have been hacked big time by someone. John has lost 2 computers and a phone in the last few months. I have totally lost my e-mail capability once, which required about a week of my wife repairing it. I have also lost my e-mail list twice in the last month. Others working with John have had similar problems. There are too many of us having problems at the same time for it to be coincidence. My main point in this is to show the RNC and mitty have no intention of listening to We the People. We have been shut out time and again. It isn’t about Ron Paul, it is about the voice of the people being silenced if we don’t fall in line with what they want done. If the RNC wanted open discussion and an exchange of ideas they wouldn’t take the actions they have taken during the state and national conventions. The conventions are supposed to be about a take and give to include all viewpoints but instead we find dictatorial rule so the runilng class gets their way and the rest of us can just take a long walk off a short pier.

  2. Arnonerik

    Job # 1 is to defeat Obama. I agree with everything Russell says and proposes except voting in a way which helps an Obama re-election.
    Job # 2 is to organize a viable third party nationwide, a goal which I think will be possible for the 2014 elections by holding Romneys feet to the fire every time he displays his Progressive (or as Russell cals it, his Globalist) tendancies.

  3. Donna

    Voting for a third person will surely garrauntee BO!!! We can not afford four more years of BO!!!!!!

  4. Linda Parks

    Excellent Article , Bob !!! I posted it on my wall on Face Book.
    Thank you.

    1. Bob Russell Post author

      Linda, thanks much for the kind words. I am glad you like it. I hope it opens people’s eyes to what is happening in the republican party. They aren’t what they tell us they are.

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