Political Suicide: Democrats Outshine Republicans Again

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  • “Let him who is without sin throw the first stone”

    English. Learn it.

  • The writer here needs to write in a less confused and more structured manner and his goal should be to build to a point, not surround an attack with lots of wordage. I agree with the other poster that the name calling should be left to children. As soon as I see an adult do that, then they lose every ounce of credibility in my book. So, please, CDN, let’s start seeing a bit more selectivity in who you allow to write around here.

  • If Bob Russell was a professional writer, this article would’ve been career suicide. He mixes a complaint for one party disobeying the rules, while attacking the other party for following the rules even if it offends their base then calls that pandering. No, Bob, take your blinders off and understand that if they were pandering then they would’ve pandered to their base. Finally, has anyone bothered to teach Bob that it is the Democratic Party and not the Democrat Party? Oh he’s one of those wannabe hacks that instead of professionally conveying a point comes with his hostility and vile built in instead of reason.