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How Many More Bumps In The Road Can America Endure?

Once again, we see that without a teleprompter Obama is nothing but a big gaffer. It seems that our elegant speaker in chief, is only elegant when words are put in his mouth. Most of the time what he truly believes comes out when he is off the teleprompter, except for the time he said he was going to visit all 57 states, at least I hope he doesn’t believe that there are 57 states, but with Obama, you never know.

We now have our latest bump in the road, four Americans murdered, American flags being burned, people being murdered in the streets, Iran is closer to having a nuclear bomb and the Middle East is in turmoil, but don’t worry folks, it is just a bump in the road. I understand Obama likes to lead from behind, at this point I would like to see any leadership from Obama, from behind, the left the right, up, down, for God’s sake Obama will you just lead, you are supposed to be the leader of the free world, so lead.

Four years of so-called bumps in the road is just about enough. Nothing seems to be urgent enough for Obama, everything is just a bump in the road. Well, I have to take that back, Obama-care was Urgent enough for him to halt any work on the economy, which we now see that pretty much everything he told us about Obama-care is turning out to be a lie and still a majority of the American people don’t want it. It is a disaster. Under this President America for the first time has lost its triple A rating and went from first place in the world down to 18th in the world standing, bump and bump. How about the six trillion plus in debt he accumulated, he’s “not concerned.” Another bump.

After passing his stimulus package for so-called shovel ready jobs, he famously laughed when he said, “shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we thought” just a bump in the road I guess. Of course there is nothing wrong with the economy, he famously said “The private sector is doing fine.” You see to him it is just another bump in the road. Unemployment still over 8%, don’t worry America it is just a little bump in the road, gas prices approaching $4.00 a gallon, just another little bump. The take home pay of Americans has fallen 8.3% in the four years Obama has been in office, prices are rising at the supermarket, and you guessed it, nothing more than a bump.

The country is falling apart and what is Obama’s claim to fame, he has played more rounds of golf than any other President in history. Plus he hob knobs with celebrities and goes on shows like The Pimp With The Limp, where he is asked such thought provoking questions like what his favorite color is, very Presidential I must say, do you have to wonder why we are not respected around the world anymore.

I do not understand how this President can stand in front of the American people and with a straight face, ask for another four years. He truly must think that the American people are just plain dumb. I guess he believes if he plays everything down, by calling them bumps, America will not notice, well Mr. President we notice, we notice. America elected Obama to fix the economic problem, but all he has done for the past four years is cry, complain and blame, if he was C.E.O. of a private corporation and did the same job that he is doing for America, he would have been fired after the first year.

Mr. President if you truly love this country like you say you do, will you please step down and let someone in that knows what they are doing, we cannot afford any more bumps.


This is one man’s opinion.


Should Cleveland Boy Scouts cave In to United Way gay rights agenda

United Way of Greater Cleveland strips Greater Cleveland Council of the Boy Scouts of America $97,251 funding

When President Obama decided to announce in May his embrace of gay marriage he opened the gate for his political sideline gay supporters and liberal like-minded non-profit funders to weed out organizations that support traditional family values. They zeroed their targets on the Boy Scouts, because of its refusal to cave in to the demands of liberals and gay activists to change their traditional values and biblically-based beliefs.

This was not unique for the organization to stand firm on its 100 plus year-old legacy. In fact it took a June 28th, 2000 “Boy Scouts of America et al. v. Dale” decision from the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the Boy Scouts of America’s right of freedom of association . The decision sanctioned the group’s right to set its own standards for both membership as well as leadership.

But with a wink and a nod from President Obama’s embrace of gay marriage in May of this year, the liberal gay activists were emboldened to decimate the Boy Scouts’ legal Supreme Court constitutionally supported rights. They moved with all deliberate speed to defund organizations, and set their eyes on Cleveland, Ohio’s 100 year old plus organization.

On Tuesday, September 25th, the United Way of Greater Cleveland notified the Greater Cleveland Council of the Boy Scouts of America (GCC) that their $97,251 funding was going to be stripped. This vindictive action would affect 16,000 youth that are served in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties in the Cleveland area, according to the GCC.

Not only that, but, this defunding would critically and adversely, affect the lives of 1,500 at risk low income children in the City of Cleveland, admitted Boy Scout program aide Wardell Cooper, to WKYC-TV News, on Tuesday, September 25th. Cooper, himself, has increased Boy Scout participation in his area of Cleveland from 9 scouts to dozens. That translates into dozens of kids with new hope, who are off of the street and involved in constructive community activities.

The overriding mandated objective of the gay rights agenda is crystal clear to parents of boy scouts and to their supporters. To receive funding, the organization must both abandon their moral principles and adopt the new liberal order or the funder will decimate the children’s future… constitution or no constitution. So there you have it, As of June 30th, 2013, the United Way of Greater Cleveland will eliminate and potentially decimate the opportunity of children, and especially those in many Cleveland urban neighborhoods.

Where are the civil rights advocates from the churches and from the neighborhoods and from the state or the nation who will fight for the children who were engaged in decent law abiding activities? Certainly no support will be forthcoming from the NAACP.

The NAACP has already been bought and sold and peddled their credibility down the river. This summer the organization’s 64-member board adopted a resolution to support gay marriage and tie it to rights guaranteed blacks by the 14th Amendment. So as one can see, the children do not have an advocate in an organization that has sold the children’s future out for 30 pieces of silver from Obama and his gay rights supporters.

But this is the time for parents and advocates of constitutionally protected freedom of association to stand firm! They have to support not only these young boy scouts, but all children who are being forced to subjugate their rights for a political morally challenged purpose.

Ignore the president’s abandonment of the rule of law. Ignore the wails and the ridicule of the LGBT side which seeks to openly delegitimize your embrace of America’s tradition of marriage being between a man and a woman. This is one nation under God and not one nation under Obama!

Where do you draw the line for your family or your children’s future?

Do you draw it at the state border? Do you draw it at the city gate? Do you draw it at the neighborhood line? Do you draw it at your neighbor’s fence? Do you wait until your child no longer has a future? Founding father Benjamin Franklin said in 1759 “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Your children deserve better!

Cleveland’s Boy Scouts are not the first nor will they be the last group to come under the steel jack boot of gay rightist assaults. This should not be a fight to discriminate, rather it is a fight to support founding principles, and not be bullied, threatened, assaulted and stripped of your selfhood.

The red line in the sand is in Cleveland, and it is in any and every town where United Way non-profit funders and their like organizations work to tear down America’s traditional values. When they move to defund a Boy Scouts group, move to defund the funders. Withdraw from their automatic payroll deduction fundraising drives. Examine their big money donors and withdraw your support for their businesses, organizations and services.

When tyranny from any corner of this nation rears its head, it must be met with resistance and not apology, with strength and not appeasement, and with moral discipline and not abdication. This nation’s future is based upon protecting America’s national treasure: its youth.

The Cleveland Boy Scouts and similar Boy Scout organizations around the nation do not need sympathy nor do they need empathy; they need your financial support to continue to assist their stand on principle.

You can support the Greater Cleveland Council of Boy Scouts of America by going to or make checks payable to Greater Cleveland Council, BSA, at 2241 Woodland Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44115.

This is not the end. Parents, you are the first line of defense for your children’s future. As President Abraham Lincoln said in his address to Congress, December 3, 1861, “The struggle of today is not altogether for today — it is for a vast future also. With a reliance on Providence, all the more firm and earnest, let us proceed in the great task which events have devolved upon us.”

Do not let these current events control your children’s future. Join the struggle to insure that there is a tomorrow for your children!

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GDP drops, manufacturing takes nosedive

The Department of Commerce released its National Income and Product Accounts report this morning which showed the economy declining much faster than analysts had expected.

Despite steady government spending, the second quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) came in much lower than Q1 and strongly down from analysts expectations. The first quarter GDP came in at 2.4% growth and the second quarter was forecast to slow slightly to 1.7%. Instead, the actual data shows the economy coming startlingly-close to recession at 1.3% for the second quarter.

Federal government consumption spending stayed nearly flat only decreasing .2% in Q2. The drop in economic activity is solely due to a decline in private sector output – the driver of any turnaround in the economic and jobs pictures.

Personal spending slowed almost 40% from the first quarter and durable goods reversed from growth to recession in today’s report. Durable goods orders crashed from 11.5% increase in Q1 to a decrease of .2% in Q2 – a decline of 11.7% quarter-over-quarter. Q2’s decline is the largest in 3 1/2 years and one not seen since the previous recession.

Nonresidential fixed investments also showed significant slowing in the second quarter. Losing almost 50% growth, the indicator slowed from 12.9% increase in Q1 to 7.5% in the second quarter. This indicates the business are not able to expand into larger or more numerous facilities.

Corporate profits before taxes decreased $16.3 billion in the second quarter with the financial industry being hit hardest. Domestic profits of financial corporations decreased $39.7 billion in Q2 after having dropped $12.7 billion in the first quarter.

The overall picture is one of a rapidly decelerating economy. If GDP drops another 1.1% in Q3, the economy will be in stagnation. Considering the rate of change, a continuation in the current trend could see the country in recession by the end of Q3.

MSM Twits Distort a Tweet

Replacement ref throws up hands in disbelief. NFL rules a touchdown.

When reading MSM stories concerning the hypocrisy of Republicans or conservatives it is often difficult to decide whether the reporters are actively dishonest or just stupid.

An AP story by Scott Bauer and a Washington Post effort by Brad Plumer are prime examples. Both concern a tweet sent by Republican Gov. Scott Walker (R–WI) after the Green Bay Packers were robbed of their victory by a high school level replacement referee who was unable to distinguish between an interception and a touchdown.

Tuesday morning Walker tweeted, “After catching a few hours of sleep, the #Packers game is still just as painful. #Returntherealrefs.” If you are a liberal journalist working for the Associated Press or the WaPost (I know that’s redundant) this is obviously an example of conservative hypocrisy.

The Post headline was: “Wisconsin governor fumbles on Twitter: Walker sees collective bargaining in a new light after the Packers’ loss.” The headline over the AP story was: “Union–busting Wis. governor calls for return of NFL’s union refs after call seals Packers loss.”

Both headlines reek of hypocrisy on Walker’s part and the Post even claimed a change of heart that existed only in the reporter’s fevered mind. But not all unions are alike, just as not all reporters are equally biased.

Both writers overlook the obvious fact that Walker’s fight in Wisconsin was against public employee unions and his tweet was about private sector unions. There is no hypocrisy involved in supporting one form of union and opposing the other.

Public employee unions are a conspiracy against the taxpayer. Union officials bargain with elected officials. The elected official wants union support in his next election. The union official simply wants more. They come to an agreement. The taxpayer, who picks up the tab, is not represented at the table. There are no market constraints on public employee unions. As long as taxes can be raised to cover salary, insurance and pension costs, the benefits keep rolling along.

This is not how it works in the private sector. Plumer attempts to graft the American Airlines’ labor dispute onto the Wisconsin controversy when he writes, “the referee feud is fairly representative of modern labor battles playing out in Wisconsin and elsewhere.”

This is simply false. Wisconsin labor disputes involved public employee unions and although flying American Airlines in many ways resembles a visit to the DMV, it is still a private sector entity with a private sector union.

Walker, as opposed to the two reporters, knows there’s a difference.

Another distinction is American Airlines declared bankruptcy because it could not survive in the private sector with the cost structure imposed on it by declining revenue and union contracts. Taxpayers and public employee unions are not involved.

The NFL referee’s union is obviously a private sector dispute being played out in public. And as a customer of the NFL and a supporter of the Packers, Walker is both intellectually consistent and within his rights to demand the NFL solve the problem by retuning the “real refs.”

Evidently this obvious distinction escaped the two “journalists” who thought they had a gotcha story.

On the other hand, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is the one with the political problem. He has manifestly failed and lost this strike. He has committed the cardinal firing offense for a business leader: being unprepared for a crisis he knew was coming, while debasing his product.

Goodell better hope he can keep 17 votes in his favor among the 32 NFL team owners. Otherwise he might be biggest casualty of this strike.

Businesses: Government a Barrier, Not a Help, to Economic Growth

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) today announced the results of a nationwide survey of small businesses and manufacturers. The results cast a harsh light on the state of the U.S. economy six weeks before Election Day.

The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies (POS), surveyed 800 small business owners, manufacturers and decision-makers at small and medium-sized companies, with a majority (55 percent) saying the national economy is in a worse position compared to three years ago. Among the chief factors survey respondents cited were federal regulations, taxes, government spending and the cost of health insurance and energy.

Key survey findings include the following:

  • 67 percent say there is too much uncertainty in the market today to expand, grow or hire new workers.
  • 69 percent of small business owners and manufacturers say President Obama’s Executive Branch and regulatory policies have hurt American small businesses and manufacturers.
  • 55 percent say they would not start a business today given what they know now and in the current environment.
  • 54 percent say other countries like China and India are more supportive of their small businesses and manufacturers than the United States.

“Manufacturers have told policymakers in Washington time and again that uncertainty and a negative business environment is turning the American Dream into a nightmare,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “The findings of this survey show that manufacturers and other small businesses have a starkly negative outlook for their future—with good reason. There is far too much uncertainty, too many burdensome regulations and too few policymakers willing to put aside their egos and fulfill their responsibilities to the American people. To fix this problem, we need immediate action on pro-growth tax and regulatory policies that put manufacturers in the United States in a position to compete and succeed in an ever-more competitive global economy.”

NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner said, “The small businesses who are the engine of our economy are clamoring for their elected representatives to stand up and lead so they can focus on the business of getting America back on its feet. Yet, instead of smoothing the way, our government continues to erect more barriers to growth through burdensome regulations that increase costs for small businesses and all Americans. It’s time Washington started listening to America’s job creators and offered real solutions to help us back to prosperity.”

Bill McInturff of POS said, “The data in this survey offer a striking picture of how American businesses view the current state of the U.S. economy. It’s clear that small business owners and manufacturers are becoming increasingly more frustrated by the federal government’s inability to solve America’s economic problems. Manufacturers place most of the blame squarely on policies coming out of Washington.”


LIBSMACK made its debut with the political/satirical single CLEAN HOUSE during the 2010 election cycle. LIBSMACK is comprised of 2 long-time Nashville singer/songwriters Billy Simon and Craig Morris. Frustrated by the business-as-usual attitude in Washington and the growing radical liberal agenda, LIBSMACK decided to do more than just vote. Republicans are NOT immune to their satire. Generally, both parties are to blame for our fiscal mess, but the dems, led by Obama have shifted the spending and hard left direction into overdrive. BUSH’S FAULT is the new message they would like to throw into the political realm. You can help by sharing this link with all of your social network friends.

Never Stop Fighting ‘Til The Fighting’s Done

In Brian De Palma’s 1987 epic “The Untouchables,” a triumphant FBI Agent Eliot Ness tells Al Capone as the mobster is hauled off to prison to, “never stop fighting ’til the fighting’s done.”

This mantra is something frustrated conservatives and libertarians need to hear. These are frustrating times. President Barack Obama still leads in the polls and the Republican Party seems ready to toss grassroots activists out with the dirt they were grown in. It’s too easy to pack it in and say what a Hillary Clinton aide said to a reporter.

Now’s not the time.

Now is the time to keep fighting. It’s not over.

There are plenty of conservative and libertarians running for Congress who can help get the United States back to the limited, Constitution-following government it’s supposed to be. The latest Reason magazine should be read by all, because it includes a group of candidates out there who are libertarian(ish) and up for election. These include Ted Cruz in Texas, Justin Amash in Michigan, Jeff Flake in Arizona and Mia Love in Utah.

Another must read is a column by Mark Kreslin discussing “The Liberty Movement” and how more people appear to be interested in liberty. Kreslin believes more people are getting interested in liberty and could start participating in activism like they did with the Tea Party in 2010. He may be right. But it won’t happen if there aren’t others willing to fight along side with them.

Obama hasn’t won yet, and may not win at all. Even if he does, people still need to be engaged. They need to educate potential voters, talk to them about why freedom and liberty are so important to American life and how a broken system can be fixed. US News published an op-ed discussing the importance of economic freedom. It’s something people need to send to others. It’s education.

The Constitution is important and our leaders need to learn to pay more than just lip service to it. It means being active. It means participating in rallies, making phone calls, talking to fellow libertarians and conservatives and educating ourselves. There are plenty of books by Ayn Rand, Senator Rand Paul, Matt Kibbe and Yaron Brook which can help in education. Being properly prepared for debates and discussions are important. Planting a seed in someone’s mind goes a long way than just yelling and screaming buzzwords. It has to be done.

Keeping the U.S. from declining more may (may) even mean sucking things up and voting to elect Mitt Romney in November. But that’s a decision only individual voters can make.

It’s not time to give up. If we want freedom and liberty to stay alive, we can’t give up.

It’s time to fight.

Today’s Yahoo/ABC Hit Piece

Yahoo News and ABC News, two dependable card carrying members of the “progressive” Party Pravda, completely ignore spreading violence in the Islamist world, the White House cover up of the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack and Barack Obama’s decision to appear on a daytime talk show rather than meet with world leaders.

Nothing to see here folks, keep moving along.

Instead, they focus the Yahoo website headline on attacking GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  This is done by using an ABC News/Washington Post poll to “report” that criticism of Romney’s campaign has grown.  The poll of 1,012 adults claims that sixty-one percent of those asked rated his efforts negatively.  Poll results show that number has risen by twelve percentage points since mid-July.

The poll also shows that a majority of Americans have an unfavorable view of Romney’s comments about the forty seven percent who pay no income taxes.

The article then gushes all over Obama’s positive grades for handling his presidential campaign.–abc-news-politics.html

Leave it to the “progressive” Party Pravda to use their online footprint to “nudge” voters leftward in Obama’s direction based solely on polling information about how the two candidates are running their campaign.

Never mind the lack of jobs.  Never mind the consistently high unemployment, never mind pocket book crippling inflation at the grocery store, the gas pump, or on the family electricity bill.  Forget about the rising cost of college tuition or escalating healthcare premiums.  That there are Islamist countries around the globe burning American flags, burning Obama in effigy, while attacking American embassies and consulates is not important.  Having four Americans, including the ambassador to Libya, butchered in a premeditated terrorist attack on 9/11 is just a “bump in the road”.

What is important is to indoctrinate low information voters into judging the two presidential candidates based on how a handful of voters, carefully selected by ABC News and the Washington Post, view the way the two candidates are running their campaigns.

That makes understanding the presidential race more like watching American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, something those who are not fortunate enough to be included among the “intellectual elite” can comprehend.

Of course, if you believe those 1,012 voters have in no way been influenced by the openly biased reporting of Yahoo News, ABC News and the Washington Post you are seriously prone to stating that Brian Williams is a straight shooter…and to buying more snake oil from a certain salesman hailing from Hawaii, by way of Indonesia, by way of Chicago.

Bumps in the Road????

When Obama appeared on 60 Minutes last week he referred to the mid-east crisis as just “bumps in the roads.” Bumps in the road????.Try telling that to the families of the ambassador and two navy seals and American consulate who were killed that their lives defending freedom are just bumps in the road.
Obama went on a Spanish TV station still blaming the violence on the video that was made insulting Mohammed. This video was so poorly acted and the worst cinematography and out since July. Hardly anyone noticed, but now because of Obama’s ineptness to protect our embassy he has to blame it on this little known video .For 14 days they said this was the cause until finally Jay Carney admitted it was a planned attack on our embassy and not spontaneous. Of course it was a planned attack. You don’t bring grenade launchers to a spontaneous attack. It was on the anniversary of 9/11 and we were attacked once again with our pants down and Americans killed .The Obama administration insists that was just a co-incidence. Terrorists always use historical dates for an attack. We now know that they received a warning three days in advance and CNN revealed thru the ambassador’s diary, reproduced without the family’s approval , that he worried about an attack and said he was on a hit list by Al Queda. The ambassador’s diary shows him saying there is a rise in Islamic extremism and Al Queda’s growing presence in Libya.
This being said then the questions are: Who did he tell about his concerns and what was done to ensure his protection? Since he wrote these things down he must have told somebody at the state dept. or this administration . If so where are those letters and e-mails and what is this administration trying to hide?
Meanwhile Obama went to the U.N. to give a speech along with other world leaders in town and when it was over instead of meeting personally with them like past presidents have done, he and Michelle went on The View where he made a remark that he was just eye-candy for them. A recent comment by a woman named Cindi summed it up with her comment thusly: Barack and Michelle Obama made an appearance on The View, trying to drum up the female vote, and the president told Barbara Walters he was just “eye candy” for the appearance. In truth, that just about sums it up for his presidency as well. Forget substance and leadership qualities, America wanted a “cool and sexy” president, and she got nothing but eye candy.
He doesn’t have time to meet with world leaders , but he has time to go on The View and schmooze with them while sending Hillary tout to do his job once again. Just like he didn’t have time to meet with Netanyahu, but had time to go on Letterman’s proving once again he likes the attention and perks of being president, but not the job.
In his speech to the U.N. Obama made mention of Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, talked about ending the war in Afghanistan (even though the taliban is experiencing a resurgence) and tried to sound tough on Libya and Egypt saying we will not tolerate violence and once again blamed the video, but I seriously doubt anything will be done judging by past actions. It was just a lot of words and to paraphrase the Bee Gees ,”It’s only words and words are all he has.”

Obama Admits Libya Assault ‘Wasn’t Just Mob Action’

We’ve Been Robbed $2.8 Billion – By The AARP

Grey Dawn!

As polling shows, seniors and white Americans over the age of 65 generally don’t support PresidentObama or his health care reform bill.  They are appalled at the $716 billion in Medicare cuts, which will be used to expand coverage (and dependency) for lower income Americans – so why does the AARP support it?

Avik Roy, an advisor to the Romney campaign, penned a column in Forbes over the weekend detailing how AARP will gain almost $3 billion from Obamacare “according to an explosive new report from Sen. Jim DeMint (R., S.C.), [stating the] same Medicare cuts will give the AARP a windfall of $1 billion in insurance profits, and preserve another $1.8 billion that AARP already generates from its business interests.”

Roy explains that AARP “in 2011…generated $458 million in royalty fees from so-called “Medigap” plans, nearly twice the $266 million the lobby receives in membership dues.  Medigap plans are private insurance plans that seniors buy to cover the things that traditional, government-run Medicare doesn’t, like catastrophic coverage. Medigap plans also help seniors eliminate the co-pays and deductibles that are designed to restrain wasteful Medicare spending.”

However,  AARP blocked reforms for their insurance plans during the health care fiasco –which would have saved $415 per senior in premiums.  However, the organization fought incessantly to keep those reforms out of Obamacare because they receive a 4.95% royalty on every dollar a senior spends on Medigap.  The cost of reform would have been $1.8 billion over ten years.

Courtesy of Forbes

In another case of the dependency agenda at work, “not only did AARP succeed in getting Democrats to balk at Medigap reform. Obamacare’s cuts to Medicare Advantage will drive many seniors out of that program, and into traditional government-run Medicare, which will increase the number of people who need Medigap insurance.” Furthermore:

 …AARP Medigap plans are exempted from most of Obamacare’s best-known insurance mandates. AARP Medigap plans are exempted from the ban that requires insurers to take all comers, regardless of pre-existing conditions. The plans are exempted from the $500,000 cap on insurance industry executive compensation; top AARP executives currently make more than $1 million. AARP plans are exempt from the premium tax levied on other private insurers. IPAB, Medicare’s rationing board, is explicitly barred from altering Medicare’s cost-sharing provisions, provisions that govern the existence of Medigap plans.

And AARP Medigap plans are allowed to have twice the administrative costs that other private insurers are allowed under Obamacare’s medical loss ratio regulations. This last point is key, because AARP’s 4.95 percent royalty is a significant administrative cost.

Democrats routinely excoriate private insurers for supposedly putting profits above people. “No American should ever spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies,” President Obama told the AARP yesterday. But the typical private insurer gets by on a profit margin of about 5 to 6 percent. AARP’s 4.95 percent royalty, on the other hand, doesn’t do anything to make a health plan operate more smoothly: it’s just pure profit for AARP.

Additionally, AARP – which is suppose to be an independent and non-partisan organization, was actively supporting Obamacare from the beginning.  Roy uses Kim Strassel of The Wall Street Journal and her 71 pages of emails  she uncovered to show that AARP worked on issues relating to seniors before it was “relevant” in the debate.  Strassel said the AARP had “long lambasted cuts in fees to Medicare doctors,” but, like the wind, reversed their position.  This is obviously a compromising position for the lobby – which is why a senior AARP official said they’ll “try to keep a little space between us [referring to the White House]…[our] polling shows we [AARP] are more influential when we are seen as independent, so we want to reinforce that positioning…The larger issue is how best to serve the cause’ of Obamacare.”

Yes, AARP had their little convention in New Orleans last week – whose audience booed Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan when he dared to utter the words “repeal” and “Obamacare.”  Roy aptly says this a “small wonder” since the AARP’s phone log reportedly had “seniors registered 50 to 1 against the law.” In all:

Obamacare…saved the AARP from $1.8 billion in Medigap reforms, while potentially earning the group an additional $1 billion in royalties from seniors who are forced out of Medicare Advantage. That’s a swing of $2.8 billion over ten years, all thanks to Obamacare.


It’s a testament to AARP’s political power—and our broken health-care system—that the lobby is allowed to carry on a half-billion-a-year business that’s based on increasing the premiums that seniors pay, and draining money from the taxpayers who get billed for wasteful Medicare spending. Sen. DeMint has done a public service by bringing these problems out into the open.

So, we’ve been robbed.  It’s wrong. It’s unjust. Although, that’s usually the case for any organization that has a conflict of interest operating in the public sphere.

Originally posted on Hot Air.

Keeping the Faith

Dukakis was up 17 points over Bush in ’88

It’s over! At least, that’s what the liberal pundits are saying 24/7. Romney is lagging behind in key states and since Barack Obama is awesome – this whole election is over.  In the words of Yogi Berra, “it ain’t over, til’ it’s over.”  We’re 41 days away from Election Day and some on the right are convinced that the Romney campaign is being eaten away by aflesh-eating virus.

Better yet, being undercut by your own (or supposedly your own) team by being labeled “incompetent.” At least, that’s what Peggy Noonan wrote on her blog with The Wall Street Journal on September 18.  She implied that it’s time for an intervention a la A&E style.

It’s time to admit the Romney campaign is an incompetent one. It’s not big, it’s not brave, it’s not thoughtfully tackling great issues. It’s always been too small for the moment. All the activists, party supporters and big donors should be pushing for change. People want to focus on who at the top is least constructive and most responsible. Fine, but Mitt Romney is no puppet: He chooses who to listen to. An intervention is in order. ‘Mitt, this isn’t working.’

She wrote a follow-up in her column on September 21.

How did we get here? What can turn it around?

1. Mr. Romney came out of the primaries ‘a damaged and flawed candidate.’ Voters began to see him as elitist, rich, out of touch. “Here the Democrats’ early advertising was crucial.” Newt Gingrich hurt too, with his attacks on Bain.

2. The Democrats defined Mr. Romney ‘before he had a chance to define himself.’ His campaign failed in ‘not doing a substantial positive media buy to explain who Mitt Romney is and what kind of president he might be.’

3. ‘Perceptions of the economy are improving.’ Unemployment is high, but the stock market has improved, bringing 401(k)s with it.

4. Obama’s approval ratings are up five to six points since last year. He is now at roughly 49% approval, comparable to where President Bush was in 2004.

5. ‘The president had a strong convention and Romney a weak one.’ The RNC failed ‘to relaunch a rebranded Romney and create momentum.’

6. Team Romney has been ‘reactive,’ partly because of the need for damage control, but it also failed to force the Obama campaign to react to its proposals and initiatives.

7. The ’47%’ comment didn’t help, but Mr. Romney’s Libya statement was a critical moment. Team Romney did not know ‘the most basic political tenet of a foreign crisis: when there is an international incident in which America is attacked, voters in this country will (at least in the short term) rally around the flag and the President. Always. It is stunning that Team Romney failed to recognize this.’

No wonder Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan said conservative punditry had an inherent whiney personality.  We’re never going to find the perfect candidate.  We just the one who is best to defeat Obama in November.  As such, Mitt Romney came out on top.  Some conservatives still need to make peace with this.  I was never on the Mitt Romney train wholeheartedly since Rick Perry was my number one choice – but he blew it and Romney destroyed his rivals.  The war is over.

Second, many feel that the 47% comments were wrong. I couldn’t disagree more.  For all the bellyaching over his robotic disposition, at least we caught Mitt articulating his true feelings about the entitlement mentality brewing in this country.  There was a scintilla of truth in what he said and it was within the confines of conservative principles.

Third, no one with sense believes that the stock market going back up above 13,000 is an accurate gauge on the stability of our economic situation.  We have almost 1/3 of all houses in this country in serious financial trouble concerning the financing of their mortgages – which is one of the largest impediments to our recovery.  We have 8% unemployment for over 40 consecutive months and the lowest labor participation rate in 31 years.

Concerning the Obama’s bounce in his approval ratings, it’s a different cycle.  It’s not 2004.  One thing Barack Obama did change  was the way Republicans were elected president.  George Will aptly said that the strategy used to be win the south, the Midwest, parts of the Pacific Northwest, and then spend the equivalent of the GNP of Brazil to win Ohio to be elected president. 2008 changed all of that.  Furthermore, unemployment wasn’t nearly as high in 2004 under Bush and his tax cuts created 8 million new jobs and 50 months of uninterrupted economic growth.

As for the weak convention, the Democrats defining Mitt, and Team Romney’s pervasive sluggishness – I blame the first two on the media coverage of this campaign, which, to no one’s surprise, is grossly skewed towards the president.  Team Romney has very smart people running his campaign; they just need to be more aggressive.  It’s time to take off the white gloves.  They can start by giving Paul Ryan a little more breathing room on the campaign trail.

Last week, on The Ed Morrissey Show, Ed had a rather prolonged and in-depth discussion about polls and detailed which ones were salient and which ones were worthless.  Liberals will use any poll giving Obama a lead to continue their sophomoric high school cheering concerning the outcome of this race.  Even, if the polls are D+13 and are based on 2008 voter turnout – which we know is not going to be duplicated this cycle.  Yesterday,Morrissey wrote that Politico reported that:

President Barack Obama has opened a national lead in a tight race that’s been static for much of the year.

A new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll of likely voters finds little good news for Mitt Romney but a race that remains competitive.

Obama leads 50 percent to 47 percent, which is within the margin of error. His 50 percent job approval rating puts him at a crucial threshold for an incumbent seeking reelection. It’s an uptick from the spring and summer, but 48 percent still disapprove.

Romney, meanwhile, finds himself sliding in the wake of two events — the choice of his running mate and the Republican national convention — that were supposed to buoy his candidacy. His unfavorable rating ticked up from 46 percent to 49 percent over the past seven weeks, as the share viewing him favorably held steady at 46 percent. Personal likability boosts the president, who is viewed favorably by 53 percent.

Ed said the poll was “decent.”

The D/R/I is 34/31/33 without leaners, 43/40/15 with leaners.  That’s a defensible turnout model for the election; D+3 would be just about in the middle from 2008′s D+7 and 2010′s even turnout.

Otherwise, there are a few interesting points from the extensive internals published from the survey.  First, Romney is leading by 2 among independents, 46/44, which Obama won by 8 in 2008.  The gender gap favored Obama by 14 in his last election (+13 among women, +1 among men), but he’s down to a +4 in this poll; Romney wins men by 6, 51/45, while Obama wins women by 10, 53/43.  Romney wins married voters by 14 points, 55/41, and wins married women by five at 51/46, but trails among the single and divorced in both genders by wide margins.  Romney is doing better in McCain states from 2008 (60/37) than Obama is in states he won in 2008 (54/42).  Romney’s also winning ticket splitters by 10, 48/38.

Furthermore, Ed Goeas, a Republican pollster Morrissey used in his post, stated that:

All of this data make clear that Romney has won the strong support of middle-class families and is leading the president on an overwhelming majority of key measurements beyond just the ballot.  In fact, when respondents were asked who, Obama or Romney, would best handle a variety of issues, Romney led on all but one including the economy (+9 percent), foreign policy (+3 percent), spending (+15 percent), taxes (+7 percent), Medicare (+2 percent), and jobs (+10 percent).  Ironically, the one measurement Obama led Romney on was ‘standing up for the middle class’ (+8 Obama), reinforcing that often the Democrats win the message war with the middle class, but not their hearts and souls.

In all, it’s a dead heat.

Townhall’s Guy Benson reiterated this point in his post published yesterday as well.  Additionally, Benson reported that Purple Poll Strategies’s new poll, which gauges likely moderate and right of center voters, also backed up the claim that this race is still deadlocked.  Benson noted “the data largely confirms findings from USA Today/Gallup last week…look at some of the key numbers.”

 (1) Mitt Romney holds a very narrow one-point lead in Florida, at 48/47.  A new Miami Herald poll also shows the race tied, with Romney pulling even on the Medicare issue, and most Floridians saying they’re worse off than they were four years ago.

(2) The race is within the survey’s three-point margin of error in several states, including North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado.

(3) Obama is ahead by four points in Ohio, where Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are set to begin a multi-stop bus tour this week.

(4) Romney’s favorability has taken a significant hit in recent weeks (now 14 points upside-down overall), a trend his campaign will have to reverse to pull of a victory.

(5) In all six of the poll’s highlighted states, President Obama’s job approval rating is underwater.  His disapproval rating is at 50 percent or higher in three of them.

(6) Obama has not hit the magic 50 percent threshold in any of these states, despite enjoying small leads in four of them.  The portion of voters who say they may still change their minds ranges from six to nine percent.

Lastly, he cited Pollster Jay Cost who wrote in the New York Post on September 23 that:

It’s only September. For political junkies, this statement makes little sense. They’ve been paying close attention to the campaign for months now, and are giddy over the fact that Election Day is quickly approaching. But political junkies don’t swing elections. In fact, something like 25 percent of voters make their voting decisions after September, and anywhere from 10 percent to 20 percent will make their final choice in the last week.

This is why the polls have often swung wildly in the final weeks of a campaign. It’s how “Dewey defeated Truman” in 1948. It’s how a blowout Richard Nixon victory in 1968 turned into a squeaker. It’s how Gerald Ford closed a 10-point gap and actually had a lead in the final Gallup poll in 1976. It’s how a toss-up race between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan finished with a GOP blowout in 1980. It’s how Bill Clinton went from being up 9 in mid-September, 1992 to a tie with George H.W. Bush by the end of October. It’s how George W. Bush went from being 10 points down in September 2000 to the 43rd president in January 2001. And it’s how the very same Bush “blew” the 11-point lead he enjoyed in late September 2004, defeating John Kerry by just 2 points.

In other words, September polls are extremely volatile. And this year’s volatility is compounded by the late date of the Democratic National Convention. It was, in fact, the latest party convention in US history. And when the polls are bouncing around a lot, the chances are much greater that they will disagree with one another — which is exactly what we’re seeing right now … So sit tight, politics fans: There’s plenty more to come.

Gallup has swing state voters in a dead heat as well – but it’s not gauged by likely voters, which is far more accurate.  Yesterday’s ”Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll… show[ed] President Obama attracting support from 47% of voters nationwide, while Mitt Romney earns the vote from 46%. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided.”

Dead Heat.


Granted, there are other factors that could derail us.  Ronald Brownstein of The National Journal wrote on September 21 that Romney’s primary decisions have come back to haunt him.

Romney’s inability to dent Obama’s support among Hispanics (or other minorities) means the GOP nominee probably can’t win without attracting at least 61 percent of white voters. Yet a second early decision has greatly compounded that challenge. Through the primaries, Romney embraced an unreservedly conservative social agenda (such as defunding Planned Parenthood and allowing employers to deny contraception coverage in health insurance plans), especially after Santorum emerged as his principal rival. That positioning helps explain why polls consistently show Obama drawing a majority of college-educated white women—not only the most socially liberal sector of the white electorate but also the fastest-growing. If Obama can hold a majority of those women and match his 80 percent with all minorities in 2008, Romney would have to carry two-thirds of all other whites to win—as much as Ronald Reagan won among those remaining voters in his 1984 landslide.

Now, that’s an obstacle.  Nevertheless,  these polls are a good indicator that the 47% remarks weren’t a catastrophic gaffe a la Todd Akin or Minister Samuel Burchard.  The latter of which cost Republicans the Catholic vote for 100 years after the election of 1884 for his brash remarks about the Democratic Party.  Burchard’s responsible for labeling them the party of “rum, Romanism, and rebellion.”  Grover Cleveland consequently won the election.

However, gaffes won’t be Romney’s downfall.  It now all rests with the debates – which isn’t Romney’s handicap in this race.  Stay the course, keep the faith, and have confidence in our ideals.  Gov. Michael Dukakis left the Democratic Convention in 1988 with 17 points ahead of George H.W. Bush.  In the end, Dukakis – the tank man – only won ten states and lost the popular vote by 8.  We –  on the right – need to stop overestimating the threat.  As Hugh Hewitt remarked at RightOnline in Vegas last June, the left is”Papier-mâché.” Press them hard enough and they’ll inevitably fall apart.

UVA College Democrats Accidentally Blast Awkward E-Mail

Justin Higgins at JHPolitics has obtained a rather awkward email detailing a meeting of the University of Virginia’s College Democrats chapter.  In the email, we reportedly had a woman named Carmen who went nuts, a bad turnout at their phone bank, and a bad turnout canvasing. As Higgins noted, their plan to remedy their unenthused cohorts is to conscript “hotties” from their respective sororities. The first lesson of E-Mail 101 is to be mindful of who is on the recipient list.

UDems Exec Agenda:  Sunday, September 22, 2012; 9:00pm; Outside Newcomb Board Room

I.               Highs/ Lows of the Week

II.             Old Business

A.    Meeting

a.     Somewhat competitive

b.     Carmen sounded crazy

B.    Phonebank

a.     Bad turnout

C.    Canvass

a.     Low turnout

b.     Some non-boardies didn’t show up

III.            Current Business

A.    This week’s meeting

a.     Professor Sanders-State Senator Mark Herring, Peter doing GOTV training

b.     Dean Grimes-education policy 10/3

B.    Publicity

a.     PMs will do it

C.    Phone Bank

a.     OFA one in the corner office

b.     Come after 5 PM

D.   Canvass

a.     Switch, make this local

b.     Meet by student health

E.    Program Managers

a.     Happening tonight

F.    Lynchburg Trip

a.     Charlottesville canvas

b.     Do an OFA one

G.   Sorority Forum

a.     Preve is gonna talk

b.     Send ur hotties

H.   Debate Thing

a.     We can do it!

b.     But it’s fall break – BUMMER BRAH

c.     It would be better as a forum and not a debate

I.      White House Updates

a.     Need to remind people they need 10 hours

J.     FIFE event

a.     Reach out for October 24th meeting with Denise Walsh

K.   Toscano Town Hall

a.     Thursday 6:30-9 PM, we need to be there from 5:20-7

b.     With Toscano and Deeds

L.    Election Night Watch Party

a.     Trinity was all into it

b.     They are fine with people under 21

c.     Just waiting to hear about the best one!

M.  Morven Farms Debate Screening

a.     Getting reps from UDems and CRs and be involved in the discussion

b.     ALich will be there, send out stuff to the listserve

c.     Date is 10/16

N.   Reserve Rooms

a.     Board at 9 PM every week

b.     Get Clark 108!

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