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How Many More Bumps In The Road Can America Endure?

Once again, we see that without a teleprompter Obama is nothing but a big gaffer. It seems that our elegant speaker in chief, is only elegant when words are put in his mouth. Most of the time what he truly believes comes out when he is off the teleprompter, except for the time he said he was going to visit ...

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Should Cleveland Boy Scouts cave In to United Way gay rights agenda

When President Obama decided to announce in May his embrace of gay marriage he opened the gate for his political sideline gay supporters and liberal like-minded non-profit funders to weed out organizations that support traditional family values. They zeroed their targets on the Boy Scouts, because of its refusal to cave in to the demands of liberals and gay activists ...

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GDP drops, manufacturing takes nosedive

empty factory

The Department of Commerce released its National Income and Product Accounts report this morning which showed the economy declining much faster than analysts had expected. Despite steady government spending, the second quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) came in much lower than Q1 and strongly down from analysts expectations. The first quarter GDP came in at 2.4% growth and the second ...

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MSM Twits Distort a Tweet

Replacement ref throws up hands in disbelief. NFL rules a touchdown.

When reading MSM stories concerning the hypocrisy of Republicans or conservatives it is often difficult to decide whether the reporters are actively dishonest or just stupid. An AP story by Scott Bauer and a Washington Post effort by Brad Plumer are prime examples. Both concern a tweet sent by Republican Gov. Scott Walker (R–WI) after the Green Bay Packers were ...

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Businesses: Government a Barrier, Not a Help, to Economic Growth

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) today announced the results of a nationwide survey of small businesses and manufacturers. The results cast a harsh light on the state of the U.S. economy six weeks before Election Day. The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies (POS), surveyed 800 small business owners, manufacturers and ...

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bushs fault

LIBSMACK made its debut with the political/satirical single CLEAN HOUSE during the 2010 election cycle. LIBSMACK is comprised of 2 long-time Nashville singer/songwriters Billy Simon and Craig Morris. Frustrated by the business-as-usual attitude in Washington and the growing radical liberal agenda, LIBSMACK decided to do more than just vote. Republicans are NOT immune to their satire. Generally, both parties are ...

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Never Stop Fighting ‘Til The Fighting’s Done

In Brian De Palma’s 1987 epic “The Untouchables,” a triumphant FBI Agent Eliot Ness tells Al Capone as the mobster is hauled off to prison to, “never stop fighting ’til the fighting’s done.” This mantra is something frustrated conservatives and libertarians need to hear. These are frustrating times. President Barack Obama still leads in the polls and the Republican Party seems ready to toss grassroots activists ...

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Today’s Yahoo/ABC Hit Piece

media-bias cartoon

Yahoo News and ABC News, two dependable card carrying members of the “progressive” Party Pravda, completely ignore spreading violence in the Islamist world, the White House cover up of the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack and Barack Obama’s decision to appear on a daytime talk show rather than meet with world leaders. Nothing to see here folks, keep moving along. Instead, ...

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Bumps in the Road????

When Obama appeared on 60 Minutes last week he referred to the mid-east crisis as just “bumps in the roads.” Bumps in the road????.Try telling that to the families of the ambassador and two navy seals and American consulate who were killed that their lives defending freedom are just bumps in the road. Obama went on a Spanish TV station ...

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We’ve Been Robbed $2.8 Billion – By The AARP

Grey Dawn!

As polling shows, seniors and white Americans over the age of 65 generally don’t support PresidentObama or his health care reform bill.  They are appalled at the $716 billion in Medicare cuts, which will be used to expand coverage (and dependency) for lower income Americans – so why does the AARP support it? Avik Roy, an advisor to the Romney ...

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Keeping the Faith

Dukakis was up 17 points over Bush in '88

It’s over! At least, that’s what the liberal pundits are saying 24/7. Romney is lagging behind in key states and since Barack Obama is awesome – this whole election is over.  In the words of Yogi Berra, “it ain’t over, til’ it’s over.”  We’re 41 days away from Election Day and some on the right are convinced that the Romney ...

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UVA College Democrats Accidentally Blast Awkward E-Mail

Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 12.31.05 AM

Justin Higgins at JHPolitics has obtained a rather awkward email detailing a meeting of the University of Virginia’s College Democrats chapter.  In the email, we reportedly had a woman named Carmen who went nuts, a bad turnout at their phone bank, and a bad turnout canvasing. As Higgins noted, their plan to remedy their unenthused cohorts is to conscript “hotties” from their ...

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