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Obama willing to wash Republican’s cars to get deficit work done

White House official photo: Obama and Bo

In Ohio on Monday, President Obama offered to do chores for Republicans to aid the work that needs to be done to reduce the federal deficit.

The only thing they [Republicans] can do is keep trying to bluff their way through until November, and hope that you won’t call them on it. But understand Cincinnati, look, I want to work with them to reduce the deficit. I’ve said if the Republicans need more love, if they want me to walk the dog or wash their car, I’m happy to do it.

While it is unlikely that Republicans need him to do their household chores, they might have preferred some leadership or having the President act on his own Simpson-Bowles deficit commision’s recommendations.

Obama’s failure to negotiate goes back to him changing the grand bargain that was nearly struck between the President and House Majority Leader John Boehner. As an agreement was reached, Obama then changed the terms at the last minute demanding $400 billion in tax increases or he would no longer accept the deal.

The President has failed to put any deficit reduction plan on the table and Senate Democrats haven’t put a budget out since Obama took office. The budget is, by far, the best tool for understanding spending and revenue priorities and approaches.

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If the President wants to lead on deficit spending, demand a budget from the Senate or for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to hold at least one vote on the House-passed budgets sent to the Senate for consideration.

The President’s comments in Cincinnati, Ohio are nothing more than election year rhetoric. The President has done nothing to live up to his 2008 election promise to half the deficit in his first term and is unlikely to do much more if given a second term during which his re-election is not an issue.

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