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Obama Vs. Romney And The Liberal Mindset

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  1. I asgree with you 110%. My sis-in-law is a lib and we got into so many heated arguments that my wife banned politics from our discussions. She has all these anti-Bush stickers all over the back of her car. When I listen to libs argue on the radio they can never answer a question directly and always use talking points. They are all for civility and peace and love until you disagreee with them and then every name in the book is thrown at you and every racist name they cant hink of comes out. I really do believe as Michael Savage says,”Liberlism is a mental disease.” 😀

    • I agree Jim, It seems no matter how much proof you put in front of them, they just turn a blind eye. Truth is truth no matter how much you try to ignore it.

      • Thanks for replying to me Jerry.I have an article on here called “To all the Obama supporters.” A lib Obama supporter responded to me and said it was all BS when it is true further proving our theory that they don’t want to hear the truth.Check it out and you’ll see the comments below. I have a blog site called Jaycee’s Commentaries where I also post the same articles and also reviewm ovies and places I’ve been.