Obama Flag “Our Stripes”

By | September 20, 2012

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5 thoughts on “Obama Flag “Our Stripes”

  1. Jon

    Seriously? How is this sooooo different from run of the mill party flags that use star and stripes motifs? This is pathetic fake outrage.

    1. Eric

      This is real outrage. You know why? This isn’t using “star and stripes motifs”. This has the 13 stripes and in the place of the stars is Obama’s logo. So what does this mean? Well, as Obama is against state’s rights, he is replacing 50 stars with his logo, get it? Basically, no states, just one country…under Obama.

  2. Tome

    Leave our flag alone! Let the leir in chiefs flag go down with him! His is as ugly as he is! Half as ugly as his imposter wife in chief!

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