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One thought on “Never Stop Fighting ‘Til The Fighting’s Done

  1. Jan Brown

    It certainly appears the “Eye” can see way beyond the ‘desert’ & has a solid grasp on how important unity is. What we now call ‘grassroot efforts’ is exactly what made our Land extroidinary. It is ‘the voiceS of the people’.I am not a Libertarian & suspect I shall never be, yet I share their love of Our Nation. A Libertarian friend often calls me one with a little “L” I also share their profound desire to defend our malinged & tattered Constitution & elect Christian driven legislative Congress. Frankly, IF someone shares at least most ofmy conservative values & patroitism, I don’t give afllip if they’re call Gumby Bear or Pokeymon…They are, like I, AMERICANS….& that’s THE important issue. Let’s unite & take charge…we can work on the rest later.
    Some of us ‘locals’ that listen to an independent (self built/owned radio station have organized a “Pro American Rally” this Saturday. Such speakers as Ted Cruz & syndicated talk show hosts as well as local celebs will take part. The vendors will sell food, t-shirts etc with ALL profit going to a PAC that will disbute it candidates in other states that need financial help. It is at the Commenrative Air Force Hanger The entire event is being sponsered by some nasty old oil companies & idividual that pay those low tax rates. ….

    I might be so bold to ask, “Which do you want the most…the disease or the feeling of relief when it’s cured.?”

    Yes (gulp) I’ll vote for Mitt

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