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Marines To Deploy FAST Team To Libya

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  1. barry lennard says:

    FAST Marines are by rapid response doctrine forward deployed with US Naval Forces and there should have been a platoon of FAST Marines deployed with the Mediterranean Sixth Fleet,i.e.within three hours maximun Osprey flight time from Libya.

    That they were not deployed in time to save the Ambassador is gross incompetence on the part of the president.

  2. Scruffy Scirocco says:

    Still, it’s closing the door after the horses got out.

    We need to make Libya pay reparations and formally apologize and prosecute those responsible.

  3. Kazseam says:

    NO, the embassy was not burned to the ground, the consulate was set on fire. A US Ambassador works at a Embassy. If the Consulate is the only Dept of state facility representing the US in that country or region(of that contry)the top official is the Consulate General. Marine Corps Security Forces, FAST Co being sent, will help deter any further attacks

  4. Hammy says:

    Why send them now? Wasn’t the embassy burned to the ground and the staff already killed?