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8 thoughts on “Information is Power: The Truth Behind 9-11?

  1. Andrew Pearson

    Either the article has been changed, or my comment posted to the incorrect article, for some reason. This is not the article I posted to, this morning.

    My apologies if my comment was posted to the wrong article.

    Nice to meet you too, Brian.

    1. Gina Aveni Post author

      Not to worry Andrew, I honestly don’t get offended or take things personally. If I had a penny for every mistake I’ve made, I would be a very wealthy person. Either way it was good to hear from you and Brian.

      Regards -

      1. Andrew Pearson

        Thank you, Gina.

        I’m still not sure how it happened.

  2. Andrew Pearson


    This article is emblazoned with a picture of Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and references her as having been fired, in the last paragraph, but the article is actually supposed to be about the firing of Judge Andrew Napolitano?

    And, we readers are supposed to assign credibility to such an article, and to the media which carries it???

    1. Brian

      Hey Andrew. I bet you don’t question ABC, CBS, NBC or MSNBC do you? Your grammar sucks too. Just saying. Imbecile.

        1. Brian

          You are welcome Gina. Trolls come in all types. I think you did a professional job as a journalist and left it up to the reader to decide what to think.

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