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How Many More Bumps In The Road Can America Endure?

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  1. I agree Chris, what a poor excuse for a president, keep up the good work Chris, lets hear more.

  2. I listened to Obama address the UN, I heard sounds flowing out of his mouth. I waited & I waited (while praying that something, anything presidential & strong would be heard) I waited…Nothing, Zip, Zero. Thank goodness I learned early on not to old my breath! Then this morning I was rivited as PM Netnyahu spoke….The comparison is similar to matching a Pop Warner QB to Tebow & expecting the same results. Hang in ther America! Our Day is near! Thanks,once again Chris

    • Jan, I could not agree with you more. When Obama speaks it is the same old same old. Time for him to retire, forcefully.

  3. Excellent,excelent comments Chris.You’ve said it all. Notice with the cover-up in the middle east with our embassy being hit they tried to blame it on this little known film hardly anyone saw before finaly admitting it was a planned terrorist attack against us.Obama doesn’t want any talk of terror or teror attacks on his watch which is why they do this. Calling acts like this “overseas contingency operations” “man made disasters” and in the case of Ft.Hood “work place violence”. They’re all part of the war on terror.Still people vote for him because they want free stuff.Romey is so right with his 47% comment.