Finally a Democrat on the Right Side of Taxes

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  • You mean killing the unborn? Democrats top priority , don’t forget racism, and the immoral

  • Kaine, of course is basically the “business as ususal” breed of politician we’ve come to know in these days of corruption. Which, unfortunately, isn’t limited to just one party. Like with Michael, I find it facinating to watch salamanders change colors at election time.
    John, I may be wrong, but I read the comment about women & concealed weapons to mean, that in States where it IS ALLOWED BY LAW, women have the right to carry concealed as a CHOICE, & I’m fairly certain that Kaine has vocalized his objection to that law. IF a woman’s choice is the real issue, would not that apply to all aspects of choices?

  • I wasn’t aware that carrying a concealed weapon was a Constitutional right.