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Finally a Democrat on the Right Side of Taxes

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  1. You mean killing the unborn? Democrats top priority , don’t forget racism, and the immoral

  2. Kaine, of course is basically the “business as ususal” breed of politician we’ve come to know in these days of corruption. Which, unfortunately, isn’t limited to just one party. Like with Michael, I find it facinating to watch salamanders change colors at election time.
    John, I may be wrong, but I read the comment about women & concealed weapons to mean, that in States where it IS ALLOWED BY LAW, women have the right to carry concealed as a CHOICE, & I’m fairly certain that Kaine has vocalized his objection to that law. IF a woman’s choice is the real issue, would not that apply to all aspects of choices?

  3. I wasn’t aware that carrying a concealed weapon was a Constitutional right.