Barack Obama Continues to Lie About Taxes – Part 1

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  • Wow, what a great article!! It is about time somebody puts facts to what President Obama says. It is sad when you ask somebody why they won’t vote for Mitt Romney and they say “he pays a lower tax rate then I do.” It is amazing how people simply take what they hear in ads and do not look for the facts and suppot to develop their own opinion. Who cares how much somebody pays in taxes? Who cares how much money somebody makes? In my opinon, we should be electing somebody, like Mitt Romney, who has worked hard his whole life, to acheive the American Dream. We should not be vilifying him for his success, we should be promoting it to show that it is truly possible.

  • One of the best articles I’ve read on here. Thank you for posting this. It’s amazing what a little data, truth, and evidence can do.

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