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America Needs Another Revolution

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  1. Sovereign Individual


    An absolutely stunning read, that frighteningly enough, has managed to mirror (much more eloquently I might add) my own awkward attempt to comprehend what has taken place in my beloved country, in the past several decades.

    The part of me that despises everything that the far left represents, still has to co-exist with my deep Christian faith, that ultimately must be victorious, by not hating them personally. (I am not trying to Bible thump or push my own religious convictions on any one here btw).

    I for one, do not want to ‘get along’ with the left any longer, and I am just heart-sickened by their seemingly endless ‘victories’, that any sane individual knows – is the road straight to ‘Hell’.

    They (the left) have cemented themselves in every important and crutial appendage in America. Indoctrinating (and zombifying) our youth in publically funded Universities, enslaving the gullible into lives of sloth, and ripping the heart and soul out of our all volunteer Military, and at the same time, using them as a means to their end.

    But to what end?

    The most baffling symptom of an evil and reprobate person, is the inability to truly comprehend that ultimately – we all have the same appointment.

  2. now our rights to have guns are on the line…crimals will always have guns but our guns is what this government wants.what our fathers before us fought for was given up so easily by who? and why?!they do not want to wake upso we have to suffer for the sleep zombies.hope all the free hands outs they want are worth what they’ll really get in the end.and i am not saying people that are disabled or jobless,or children with diabilities at all. the ones who want to do what they want because their back hurts if they work and ect.

  3. I agree….. I also think it is already too late to do anything else about it. I PRAY once it starts (and it will) that they won’t win. This nation is already almost the point of no return. The America that our Forefathers envisioned is already no more. And. I HEAR the Thunder……Hope people have paid attention and gotten ready for what is to come.

  4. Kyle, good article with one exception. I think all too many of us are aware of the corruption. I see and read about it all the time online. And many people are advocating more and more that we may need to take the govt back by force. Anarchy is not a good idea, but what else can be done? There are far too many loony libs out there, and even some conservatives, who keep voting the same old flock of wolves into office that continue to devour the sheep. Unfortunately, the all the sheeple are not going to wake up, and will wait until we are decimated before they wake up and start shrieking, “Wolf, wolf!!”

  5. Good job Kyle!!! And for what it’s worth, I TOTALLY concur.