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5 thoughts on “Would We Be Better Off Renouncing Our Citizenship?


    Jerry, you are right on target but remember there are FEDERAL laws that if followed would solve most of it. Let’s be real…a crime is a crime..if or if not in this country legally. Our Land, Our Law, illegal entry is a punishable crime, if anyone doubts this let them try to enter someones home without permission… We need more that think like you do & are willing to push the dickens out of elected employees


    Chris, you’ve very efffectively expressed the frustrations of Americans that love this great nation. I live in a border state that is experienceing a tidal wave of “criminal trespassers” due to our town’s 3.9% unemployment rate. There is a marked increase in OTM’s (other than Mexican) crossing our Borders from Iran, Afganistan, etc. Last week there was a group discoverd that had 3 from Kandihar (you know, where American military are being killed) I would bet the farm that everyone of ‘our’ legislators & those professing to want ‘open Broders’ have lock on thir homes & fences around the yard TO PROTECT & MARK WHAT IS THEIRS. Guess it’s true, what my mother taught me…IF YOU WANT IT DONE RIGHT, BE READY TO DO IT YOURSELF….Chris, you’re on track! Now is voters will swing hard in November, we can secure OUR borders & those American Citizens living ‘on the route, can once again lilve in freedom…not fear

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      Hi Jan, Many people do not realize that the Mexican boarder is the entrance point for people from all over the world, that’s why it is so important to get the boarder secured. Once that is done, we can start concentrating on the illegal aliens here.

      1. JAN BROWN

        TRUE…As long as they remain as they are…it’s like bailing water out of a boat with a huge hole in it…wasted energy & $$$. There are numerous sites that can ‘grafically’ show the story. ie” Az Border Defenders, Assoc of Retired Border Patrolman, or Tx Border Watch Voulnteers. There was a rancher just north of Tucson last year whose wife went to the barn & discovered about a 1/2doz ‘illegal criminal trespassers’ sleeping in a stall. She always has a side arm. This is NOT RIGHT!!! Frankly, I can’t see this or any administration getting tough, but perhaps IF voters will ‘stack th senate & house” States won’t be sued & allowed to SECURE their area. Man, I’ve stocked up on prayr candles. Keep up the good ‘stuff’

        1. Jerry Peters

          We need to take immigration out of the hands of the feds and give it to the states. New Jersey don’t need the same immigration laws as Texas or Arizona. We need to give rights back to the states.

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