Women Not Allowed

By | August 24, 2012

As I watched the news recently, a big news update appeared on the screen, Augusta National allows women after 80-year history. I started thinking, what is so terrible about men having a place of their own? I mean, come on, really. Why is it so bad for men to have a place that they can call their own, where they can talk men talk, and do men things without having to watch what they say or do because women might be around, is that such a crime?  Let’s face it, men cannot be true men with women hanging around, we have to watch everything we do and say. In reality, men are just little boys at heart.

On the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City, where I am from, there is an Ale House called McSorley’s I think it is the oldest Ale House in the country, opening in the 1850’s. I started going there in the late 1960’s, and at the time women were not allowed in. It’s been that way since they first opened their doors. The 1960’s was about the time when they started to make laws that women must be allowed everywhere that men are. The owner fought to keep it a place for men, now the funny part was that the owner was a woman at the time. In an interview she said, “Men need a place where they can be men” (it makes sense to me) but as we know, she lost her fight. At the time they only had one bathroom, that was fun.

In addition, we used to have Boys Clubs, a place where boy’s can go and play like boy’s and do things that boys like to do. Once again they pass a law that says that cannot be, so now we have Boys and Girls Clubs. Once again, I must ask, what is wrong with boys having a place that they can call their own? Is there really something wrong with that? If there is, I just don’t see it. Boys need to curse, and spit, and roughhouse.  They need to brag about how tough they are, and beat their chests, to show the world that they are men. That’s what boys have been doing since time began. It’s the way they come of age.

Look, you can call me a sexist or a male chauvinist pig, or anything else you want, but men and women are different and not just the obvious. The truth of the matter is, men and women are designed differently, they are wired differently, they think differently, they feel differently, they react differently, they are just different.

Here are some examples:

Mazda Miata, gals car

Pontiac GTO, guys car

Virginia Slims, gals cigarette

Marlboro, guys cigarette

Mama Mia, gals movie

Terminator, guys movie

Life Time, gals T.V.

Ultimate Fighting, guys T.V.

Remember, girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. And boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

If men and women want to have clubs together, that’s great, also, if men want to have their own clubs or women want to have their own clubs, that should also be great, remember one size does not fit all. I think somewhere in the Constitution, there is something that says we have a freedom of association, do we not? So why aren’t we allowed too?

This is really not a big deal, I have no intention of protesting or marching on Washington because of it, it’s just I do not understand what the big deal is, why men can’t have a place of their own?

This is one man’s opinion.





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4 thoughts on “Women Not Allowed


    Hey! It’s the venus & mars thing….viva la difference! I’m all for ‘togetherness’ but there’s just so much I need. I loved it when baby showers were ‘women only’ & not a couples affair. I mean, just how many men want to play sillly games & discuss the intimate ‘details’ of childbirth & morning sickness? I love being ‘different’ from men because among other things no woman is going to stop & change my tire along the roadside or pick up the tab for dinner. Kinda figure the separation is nature’s way of telling us there is no ‘unisex’ & we all need down time. Figure the Agusta deal was all political just by the selection. You ‘boys’ just keep doing your oiwn thing &so will this old gal!

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      Hi Jan, Thanks for the comment. God made us different but it seems like society is trying to make us the same. I don’t think we should fool with Mother Nature.

  2. Jerry Peters

    I agree Chris, I’m glad you had the balls to bring it up.

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