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Voter Fraud—Does It Matter?

Too many people think their one vote doesn’t matter. That voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers won’t really affect the outcome. That when ACORN registers people who are not eligible to vote it won’t be enough to make a difference.

They are wrong.

This week Stuart Varney spent a few minutes discussing the voter fraud in Minnesota. Did you know 1,099 convicted criminals voted in that election? Already 113 have been convicted of violating the MN crime of “being an ineligible voter and knowingly voting.”

If you consider that Al Franken ended up winning his senate seat by only 312 votes suddenly voter fraud becomes important. And when you remember that this win gave the senate the 60 vote majority needed to sign Obama’s Health Care bill, it is even more important.

Your vote does matter. But you only get one vote. You should be allowed to freely vote without intimidation, bribery or other unlawful tactics. And you don’t want your vote to be cancelled out by someone who doesn’t meet the constitutional standards to be eligible to vote.

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