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Victory For Free Speech: Court Orders Brandon Raub Released

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  1. FasterCat says:

    Our gov is the terrorist organization we need to worry about.

  2. copper says:

    The Prez. didn’t sign or authorize this detainment. It was authorized by a magistrate, not NDAA. But, it would be a good test for that portion of NDAA.

  3. copper says:

    Let’s hope this gentleman sues the FBI and their special agent for trampling all over his Constitutional Rights!!! I can say that, at least for now, because I live in the United States but look what this man had to go through to prove it.

    • OldmanRick says:

      Not a chance. BO signed the National Defense Authorization Act which allows for the arrest and incarceration of American citizens without due process. It’s the “terrorist” thingy.