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The Economic Justice Lie

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  1. My only problem with this article is that it’s comparing apples to oranges. It talks about how much taxes the top 5% of wage earners pay, but entirely ignores the upper echelon of capital gains and other income that gets taxed at ridiculously low rates, and it is THAT, not the wage-earners, that the progressive platform has a beef with. If you are in a tennis match, of course nobody will be able to return your serves if you are playing in an entirely different court from your opponent. But it’s not the same as winning. How do you expect to win an argument by talking about an entirely different issue?

    • Ridiculously low rates? You are aware capital gains re doubled taxed, ergo using your accumulated capital is penalized by investing rather than spending it on useful endeavors such as a three month vacation in Monte Carlo at the tables.

      Capital gains along with dividends are taxed at ridiculously high rates in comparison with other civilized nations. We should tax those institutions which are exempt and yet control tens of billions like Havard, the Ford foundation, and the Rockefeller foundation.

      And why not make everyone pay a minimum of 10% regardless of their income just for some social justice.

  2. Socialism and Marxism are just examples of magical thinking employed by adults who never grew up. It is embraced by those of lesser intellectual skills and motivation, but mostly by those lacking moral fiber. It is much easier to use the government to plunder than to have to mug people yourself.

    If you doubt this examine the following.

    A thief mugs you, takes all your money but donates it to charity.

    Has a crime been committed? Is this morally acceptable?

    Yet when the government does this through regulation and taxation what is it but legal plunder and looting?

    Please explain why anyone considers this to be acceptable.