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The Art of Subversion

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  1. John I leave it to you to blame Hungary for the Armenian slaughter. Did you graduate from Brown with a PhD in English lit or are you just a torts expert? Please continue posting, it is illuminating seeing the depth and extent of your knowledge. I keep expecting you to quote Zinn or some other expert like Cher.

  2. I’m not going to comment on this whole piece (which lands on the crazy scale in an area you probably wouldn’t be comfortable with), but I think I will take exception to this section:

    “The manner in which the political left demonized Bush and lets Obama completely off the hook for pursuing the same military policies or worse is a testament to the effectiveness of the left’s brainwashing program. Another sign is the fascistic reaction to the pro-marriage statements of Chick-Fil-A president Dan Cathy, which is a reflection of the left’s cultural marxist plan to undermine Christianity and capitalism; or in Gramscian terms, the cultural superstructure and the economic base.”

    I don’t remember Obama invading a country without provocation. Bush did that.

    Also, no one no one no one is trying to undermine Christianity. But if the most visible way a man in a position to influence others demonstrates his Christianity is to prevent gay people from getting married, I would say he may be a Christian, but he isn’t very good at it. I think that Chick Fil A does a lot of good things. They seem to really respect their employees and encourage them to become better people. That is commendable. What is less commendable is that the company then donates money to organizations that would legally keep 10% of their potential employees from having a legally recognized partnership. Why? A book written thousands of years ago to ensure the survival of a nomadic desert people. To have that position is fine, I guess, but it does come with consequences. Also, when was the last time you went to a Sean Penn movie. Are you a fascist for boycotting that? No? Stew in your hypocrisy.

    • “I don’t remember Obama invading a country without provocation. Bush did that.”

      Hmm, Libya?

      And you don’t consider attacking U.S. jets, expelling UN inspectors a provocation? Interesting.

      The “crazy” is being brought by yourself. I cite sources, name names, and define my terms.

      • The U.S. did not invade Libya. We bombed Libya.

        Attacking U.S. jets and expelling UN inspectors were not the reasons given for going to war if I recall. What I remember was the insistence that Iraq was creating weapons of mass destruction and harboring terrorists. The first, of course, was not true. The second became true when people who were not terrorists were radicalized after their country was invaded. Also, while I don’t condone the attacking of U.S. jets, I think a full scale invasion is not a proportionate response. Did we go to war with Israel when they attacked a U.S. navy warship in 1967? I don’t recall. As far as U.N. inspectors go, they were allowed back into the country in November of 2002 and worked right up until the invasion.

        • John says Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. You really should parade your ignorance. It has been documented that Saddam bought and imported 400 tons of radioactive materials and had stockpiles of sarrin, tabun, and various other gases regularly emitted by Marxists. Unfortunately he amassed thousands of tons of these weapons, which he used on his own people and threatened to use on his neighbors and Americans.

          What pathetic tripe. The next thing I expect to hear is that the Rosenburgs weren’t spies.

          • I’m sorry, I forgot about the day that U.S. forces in Iraq triumphantly uncovered large caches of weapons of mass destruction. When was that exactly? Yes, he did use chemical weapons on his own people, but that was 15 years prior to the invasion of Iraq. I’m not saying time heals all wounds, but this surely did not constitute a clear and present danger to the United States, and there were other more mature ways of addressing that atrocity. That makes the invasion of Iraq a war of choice, or, to use the vocabulary of Christianity, a sin. By the way, of course Saddam was threatening to use those weapons on Americans. He was threatened with an invasion and deposition. That didn’t mean he had the weapons! What we learned shortly after the invasion was that Huessein was playing chess and President Bush was playing candyland. Huessein was killed, but we got stuck in a long, violent, expensive, and ultimately kind of pointless war whose winner seems to be Iran. What I find to be pathetic tripe is that you seem to still believe the defensive rhetoric of what made that war remotely justifiable, but several rungs down the list. A full scale invasion for a 15 year old crime is ridiculous. Are we going to invade Hungary for the Armenian genocide in 1905? Did we think about invading the Suddan for a genocide that was actually occurring? No? Okay. Pathetic tripe.

    • John demonstrates the Leftist technique of expressing intolerance for the beliefs of others, especially religious beliefs, while claiming only the enlightened do not support age old traditions and standards.

      Displaying the same standard of truthfulness this expert forgets Obama’s intervention in Libya, Syria, and massive violations of national boundaries throughout the world with a a systematic assination program that is of questionable value.

      How can anyone support the queer agenda while condemning what took place at Penn State, the Catholic Church or other nests of pederasts.

      • I looked on the Chick Fil A menu where they have both sausage egg and cheese as well as bacon egg and cheese biscuits. This is clearly in direct opposition to the book of Leviticus. But I guess it is Chick Fil A’s prerogative to pick and choose which age old traditions are worth following.

        Just a quick reality check, we bombed Libya for a billion dollars as opposed to a full scale invasion of Iraq which cost trillions as well as thousands of American lives. Also, it was not an American but rather a NATO operation. As for Syria, I am not aware of any US military operations in that country. As for the assassination program, I do know that Obama seems to be much better at killing terrorists than Bush was…

        Finally, the comparison of a homosexual couple that is in a loving monogamous relationship to a man in a religious institution using his influence over a child to make him or her a victim of sexual abuse, or to use their influence as a coach to do the same is false. That would be like saying a happy straight marriage is the equivalent of an ongoing sexually abusive relationship characterized by rape. Your decision to make these things mean the same thing says more about you than you are probably comfortable with.

        • More pathetic tripe from the master of the twilight zone. To justify Obama’s aggression in Libya is a joke since it was done prior to any consultation or agreement by NATO, but what does John care about the facts. Just as he tried to say bombing Libya isn’t aggression he carefully ignored small incidents in history like Pearl Harbor where no invasion followed bombing. But when a Marxist brays….

          Yes Obama is so much better at assassinations. Just ask the 50,000 Mexicans Obama has killed by funding the cartels.

          Come on John we are tsill waiting for you to tell us about all those loving members of NAMBLA providing moral upbringing to children. No doubt Rosie McDonald’s liter will be perfectly functioning human beings, like Chaz Bono. Have to hand it you John there is no linkage between queers at what happened in the Catholic Church or at Penn State. Magic thinking anyone?

          As for the discovery of mass dumps I realize its really too difficult to google search the terms uranium and Afrifa and Saddam and why he imported 400 tons. And we can all realize that it was pure stupidity to spend millions to inculate hundreds of thousands of men against biological agents. These were simply ways to waste moneyala Obama’s GAO.

          And since you are such a military expert care to fill me in on your MOS and extensive military experience. No doubt you worked in national security as well or are your opinions all formed by watching Jon Steward?

          Wipe the dribble off your chin, skippy.

          • So you think that the US bombing of Libya to help rebels who were in the process of being overrun by the Libyan military is the same thing–or worse–than the full scale invasion of Iraq 15 years after the Iraqi military committed an atrocity?

            Obama is not funding the cartels. That is incorrect. The US government is funding the Mexican government to combat the cartels, and the Justice Department, in building cases against the cartels, is laundering money. Would you say that a police officer who goes undercover as a prostitute is spreading prostitution? Carrying out operations like this is how the Justice Department can see how the cartels operate.

            Yes, NAMBLA is an organization that exists. I think it deserves the horrible reputation it has. When did you hear me suggest that statutory rape was a good thing? Again, making the comparison that two adults in a loving monogamous relationship with pedophiles is false. It shows you do not understand. Did you mean Rosie O’Donnell? Why do you think she won’t be a good mother? Do you have any evidence of this? As for Chaz Bono, A) he seems very happy now, and B) he had straight parents. What is your point? Finally, your connection between the crimes in the Catholic Church and at Notre Dame are crimes because people used sex as a weapon. This, again, is no different than if a straight man were to commit a sexual act with a female minor. Would you say the problem was that he was straight? No, or at least I hope not.

            Your paragraph following was indecipherable. I guess you think that I thought that taking measures to ensure that soldiers carrying out the invasion should be at a greater risk. When did I day anything even remotely like that?

            I have no personal military experience, but I come from a military family. My father and uncles were in the Navy, my Grandfather on my father’s side was a mechanic in the navy and worked on the squadron that shot down Yamamoto. My Grandfather on my mother’s side was a Col in the Marines and fought in three wars. I don’t hate the military. I also don’t think loving it makes you a better person or a better patriot. I get my news from all over, and my opinions are my own.

            And don’t call my Skippy.

    • John just wishes a man to be able to enter into a recognized legal relationship with his foster child.

      Stew in your own words.