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Stop Voter ID Laws – Stop Discriminating Against Dogs

Ironically enough, I found this one on Huffington Post.

Yep, Buddy the voting dog. That is the most recent one, of course. Over the years there have been many stories of this kind, with people registering pets, and if memory serves, I think someone actually registered an inanimate object to vote. Now, the Dems might be trying to argue that voter fraud is not a major problem. It is true that a very small number of fraudulent ballots or voter registrations are caught each election cycle. However, it is foolish to think that is the real extent of fraud, because the current laws are far too lax to get an accurate picture of the problem. (Seriously folks? The fact that people can get away with registering their pets to vote doesn’t make you think twice on this?)

Here in Pennsylvania, I will have to present my ID in order to vote. This is laughable to me, considering the fact that out of five poll workers at my poll, only one didn’t hold me as a baby, and she’s known me for over a decade now. Sure, it’s funny, but necessary. Not everyone votes in a precinct where they count voters in the hundreds. And while those ladies that really do know who I am go through the motions and make me show them ID, some of their brethren will be refusing to enforce the law. Personally? I think anyone that says that should be fired.

Now, while the left is frothing at the mouth about disenfranchising dogs, and people that are living so far under the radar that they can’t manage to get a free ID to vote in Pennsylvania, this administration is working hard in Ohio to make sure that the military votes won’t necessarily end up being counted. First, beyond the fact that this is reprehensible, I should point out that this is yet another politically motivated move – the Obama camp is worried that the military folks might be ticked off at their man, and won’t vote for him. Ohio is a Heroes Vote All-Star state. There are only 15, and bluntly, people should be screaming to find out why there aren’t 50. You want to yell about disenfranchising, how about yelling about suppressing military votes? And if you think it’s not insulting to our active military that there’s even an argument about requiring at least as much as it takes to buy a brew or a pack of smokes to cast a ballot….

But hey, this isn’t 2000 anymore. I’d be willing to bet that there would be Dems lined up everywhere demanding Voter ID laws then.

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About Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.


  1. maybe it is about time people stand up and be counted. It is nice to be nice . It is smarter to protect your ballots. We know what it is all about. Millions of undocumented illegals flooding the country with the help of Obama. these people do not belong here nor do they belong voting. Stop and realize what he is doing. Of course every illegal voting would vote for the man that supplies the freebies and the handouts . They in turn take away from money to secure /fix/educate /feed “your” children and legal residents. Do you think Obama cares . He does not . His answer is always the one for that particular occasion. You do not invite 50,000 people for dinner . Knowing you only have 100 meals.

    • There have been 370 verified cases of voter fraud in the United States in the last ten years. Stop hyperventilating. Conservatives are literally creating a problem to solve.

      • Because some crime isn’t worth fighting? How many cases of irregular elections would it take for Democrats to cry foul?

        Exactly ONE – remember Florida in 2000?

        John, you are defensive and a terrible purveyor of fact.

        Obama is not all that, defending him on a multitude of posts here is entertaining, but kinda sad in a way.

    • Conservatives love to bolster their arguments with bogeymen. It’s not enough to have everyday fraudulent voters stealing elections, but get this, many of these cheats are illegal aliens. They go to courthouses where officials are more than happy to sign them up, then they go to the polling place where other officials are equally happy to allow them to cancel out our votes. That satisfies common sense. Elections are more important to illegal aliens than the chance they might be deported if they’re found out. But Liz, if you’re so smart, go to Pennsylvania’s PA Voter and PennDOT websites and try to find out how to obtain an absentee ballot if you don’t have one of the sanctioned IDs. The information is there, but lots of luck piecing it together.

  2. Voter ID will stop all the fraud . If people can get a BC or SS card or License or a medicaid card they certainly can get an ID . It is a way they try to make the poor or unfortunate “look stupid.” They are not. . . but that is what they all try to do. Taking advantage of them. We all know how to dial a phone or ask for help if needed. Seeming to make all poor look lost they certainly make themselves look stupid. We the people are not helpless or are we dumb.

  3. what waste : we already are required to register . . . and we all rec. cards already . Just put the picture on them

  4. Judy, that would be too easy, which is exactly the opposite of what Pennsylvania’s Republican legislators and administration had in mind.

  5. No, John. In point of fact, I sincerely doubt that you have a single clue what the legislators in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had in mind. I would further wager that you did not spend a single minute at an election site in November of 2008. Further, I will suspect that you had no idea about the high numbers of individuals that attempted to vote in that election at the wrong polling locations, without proper registration, and a myriad of other “issues.” You probably didn’t end up having to call authorities to protect by-standers when disgruntled Obama supporters couldn’t cast ballots because they didn’t follow the rules. And how did the election officials know that these people’s legitimacy was questionable to begin with? They requested ID to verify their identities – something they have been permitted to do for years. And the reason why there are so few documented cases of voter fraud? That is because people can cast ballots without verifying their identity, and legal right to cast ballots in the first place. I’ve worked polls for most of my life, and invariably, the Dems have caused more issues of this kind than anyone else. GOP folks are guilty of one-issue polling, as in there is always a pro-life contingent at the polls. But, if there’s a fight, bullying, or other nonsense at a polling place? I can only count two times in over 20 years, and over 40 elections that it involved right-wing folks. EVERY other time, it was a disgruntled “Dem” that may or may not have been legally registered to vote at a given poll. And, in many of those situations, I sincerely wondered if those people had voted at more than one polling location, casting provisional ballots all around town. By the way, I do know for a fact that judges of elections here tend to just circular file duplicate provisional ballots, writing them off to “voter error” as opposed to actively attempting to cast multiple ballots. If those were counted as “attempted fraud” instead, I suspect your numbers would be blown out of the water.