Solyndra Lives On–As Modern Art

By | August 20, 2012

Remember Solyndra? Shortly after taking more than $500MILLION taxpayer dollars (approved by Team Obama) they filed for bankruptcy? All that taxpayer money down the drain because nobody bought the company and few showed up for the bankruptcy auction.

End of story? No. Following the auction in January remaining employees were spotted trashing crate upon crate of the glass tubes used in solar panels. Millions of dollars worth. If you didn’t hear about this watch this video. Warning: you WILL become angry at the terrible waste. Guaranteed.

As the reporter tells you, it’s not that the glass tubes have much value when compared to the money owed by the company. But to this taxpayer, it’s certainly the principle of their actions. And frustrating that the tubes were not sold or even donated for the public good.

But wait, all is not lost. Some of the tubes were salvaged. Today they have been turned in to a modern art display. It’s called SOL Grotto and uses 1,368 of the Solyndra tubes (of the estimated 24 Million) and is located at the University of California Berkeley in their Botanical Garden display.  In case you don’t want to visit here’s a short video of these tubes, paid for by you the American taxpayer.

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One thought on “Solyndra Lives On–As Modern Art

  1. Rebecca

    Wow…How disappointing. What happened to the “reuse” part of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle motto? I thought Solyndra considered themselves green…

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