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Rocker Denounces Paul Ryan’s Use Of His Music

Dee Snider former Twisted Sister front-man


One 80′s rocker is angry about Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan’s use of his hit song on Tuesday along the campaign trail in Pennsylvania.

Ryan used the 1984 hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by the hair band Twisted Sister as his intro music during the rally.

Former Twisted Sister front-man Dee Snider, via his manager, released a statement to Talking Points Memo, which stated:

Rock group Madison Rising

“I emphatically denounce Paul Ryan’s use of my band Twisted Sister’s song, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ in any capacity”

Although the GOP ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been under fire by musicians like Snider and Tom Morello, not all is lost.

Patriotic rockers Madison Rising announced that the Mitt Romney campaign – and all associated PAC’s – had permission to use any and all of their music along the campaign trail.





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Comments (4)

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  1. House of Kell says:

    Rocker? Really? Twisted Sister is considered a ‘rock band’?
    Who would’ve thunk it? LOL…look at that audience…LOL! Bad Co, Nugent, Floyd, Aerosmith, etc…THESE guys are rockers, Twisted Sister are a bunch of long haired, over grown children playing rock star, with a minimal of talent…..folks, there are many bands who would love to have their tunes associated with saving this country from communists, let’s have a contest!

  2. Lancev32 says:

    Wow! Always though Dee was a conservative guy. He was blasted by Tipper Gore about TS lyrics back in the 80-90s…. Too bad hed rather voice his opinions and lose fans then let Ryan use this old silly song. I didn’t like it then, and like it less today… Same goes for TS and Snyder.

  3. the Rifleman says:

    What a jerk! The aging band has a chance for a new young crowd to hear their music and he b*tches! What a loser. Let him eat fish heads while Romney- Ryan pick out a better tune anyway!

    Team Obama should make “Welcome To My Nightmare” (Alice Cooper) their theme song!

    • House of Kell says:

      LOL…’Lunatic Fringe’ by Red Rider would probably be a MUCH better choice! Or ‘Welcome to the Machine’ by Pink Floyd….