Possible RNC Power Grab

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  • Curious how prespectives can differ. While I don’t understand Jack’s comment, I am, at least i part, on the same page as Jeremy & don’t feel the rules commitiee should be ‘the’ final word. And grassroots efforts ar as American as apple pie I also see it as a move by the Tea Party members that want a 3rd party & a power push that ties in with the commericials running asking for donations To change this aspect would diminish delegates & the party. There is so much young talent in the GOP that will replenish our party like Ryan, Christie or Rubio & those to come. There’s enough squabbling without individual bids for power to undermine our goal of taking this, our Great Nation where it deserves to be.

  • Between the monied interests who have actual power, and the unwashed masses who think the monied people courting them really give a rat’s ass about their POV. The tea party rank and file are discovering they are in the 99%, and that’s gotta hurt. Karma is, in fact, a bitch.

    You suckers….guess you had to look up “disenfranchised” to find out what your corporate masters really have in store for you!

  • Dan I watched this remotely via the Internet and I find it very disturbing. I included a video of an interview of our local radio guys Davis and Emmer talking to The Blaze editor in chief Scott Baker. I fully agree this is fishy and it serves as evidence that grassroots activist must continue to fight for everything they get. Americanmillenniumonline.com