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4 thoughts on “Ohio Military Vote

  1. Jon

    That really distracts from the fact that the Republican Ohio Attorney General attempted to close early voting in traditionally Democratic districts while extending early voting in traditionally Republican districts. But, yeah, Black Panthers exist, and since Obama is black we can depict him as one! (But no, we’re not racist.)

  2. Valorie

    Good one, Tony. It worked so well for him last time I’m sure he and his black panthers thugs will do the same thing come November. But, with any luck, we’ll be one step ahead of him this time around. :)

  3. Clarice

    Goodness; this is such a great analogy! … and he’ll get away with just as everyone decided it was just fine for the Black Panthers to intimidate voters!

    1. A.F. Branco Post author

      Thank you Clarice, and you are so right.

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