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11 thoughts on “Obama-lympics

  1. Al

    Tony, The dude getting the medal should be wearing a T-shirt imprinted with either SEIU or UAW on it. Wow!

  2. Lech Dharma

    I’m still waiting for MY TURN with the Nobel Peace Prize that “we” won “together”—but they handed to Obama.

  3. John

    Actually, it was Mr. Romney that told Olympians they didn’t do this by themselves. For some reason the filter on this site doesn’t like me putting links up. Also, thanks to Mr. Romney’s recent poor behavior at the Olympics, it probably won’t be at the top of a Google search. But do look for it. You should know how thin and superficial Governor Romney’s arguments are.

    1. Christina

      This is regarding Obama’s “spread the wealth around” comment, which proves he thinks that people who earn money should be forced to give it to those who don’t earn it.

    2. A.F.Branco

      Romney was referring to respecting their parents, not about giving their medals up to someone who did’t earn it.
      What poor behavior?? Romney was concerned for the security of our athletes and he wasn’t about emulating the Obama “Apology tour”..

  4. Valorie

    EXCELLENT!! As Obummer would say, they did earn those medals by themselves, right!!

    Great work, Tony.

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