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Obama, A President Of Many Firsts

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  1. How can you believe those sites? If you go back and check the actual stories like I did, you will be surprised.

  2. … and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    It will take years before we find all the damage created by that guy, both here and around the globe.

  3. Could someone please tell me where I could fact check this information because when I try on snopes, fact check, fact or fiction and several other sites much of this information is either unproven or fictional.

    • Cecelia A. Henderson

      I think it’s all true. Most of this stuff is very easy to verify. It doesn’t even mention the $500+ billion fiasco with Solyntra or his involvement failure of Fannie Mae/Fannie Mac.

      Snopes is not a reliable source of “truth” information and that has been proven.

      • Real quick…500 million, not billion. The loan to Solyndra was 500 million.

        • John,
          Kinda went petty on her didn’t ya?

          While this article has a few things in it that are disputable, there are many more that aren’t. Even a die-hard liberal, such as yourself, had to give a few of the points some credence.

          The defensiveness of the left is what the rest of our center-right nation has craved. To have the left peddling backwards, making excuses for their actions and spending all of their time defending against simple things.. is everything we could have hoped for.

          John, you are the liberal we’ve been waiting for.

          • Well considering the real number was one tenth of one percent of what she thought it was, it seemed a good idea to let her know she should adjust her rage accordingly. Also, I don’t know that a 99.9% increase is petty.

    • Well, I’m pretty sure a lot of this is either exaggerated or made up entirely. I remember one year Obama wasn’t at Arlington for Memorial Day and everyone in Conservative media acted as if he had just run up a surrender flag. Then it was noted that the last president to not go to Arlington for Memorial Day was the last president, that Bush senior had missed it a few times as well, and so had St. Reagan. A couple of these firsts are so close to conspiracy theory they are laughable. The first one that should mean anything is the credit rating, but anyone with a functioning brain knows that was caused by credit agencies watching the behavior of a bunch of freshman congressmen playing chicken and realizing there were a lot of amateurs with newly discovered influence. As for this vacation stuff…President GW Bush spent a third of his presidency on vacation. Anyhow, most of this is manufactured outrage. Like the NASA thing. Really? The shuttle mission ended. Everyone knew it was ending. They are working on the next generation that will send humans to Mars. Just last week a rover landed on Mars in a spectacularly difficult maneuver. This just reads like an email forward from my mom about all the reasons Bill Clinton had to kill Vince Foster.

      • Hey John, why do you guys always have to fall back on Bush? Give it a rest will ya.

        • I don’t know that I said anything about Bush except that he didn’t spend all of his Memorial Days at Arlington Cemetery and that he spent a lot more of his time on vacation than Obama has. I don’t think I said anything bad about him, I was simply pointed out that most of the outrage directed at Obama is really simpleminded and manufacture.