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Mom, You Did Build That!

Paul Ryan introduced America to his mom. There was more than a little emotion as he told her story. Betty Ryan was a stay at home mom who, after her husband died, went back to school. The skills she learned enabled her to become a small business owner. She is an example of the greatness in America.

Take a minute and meet the mom of our next Vice President. After watching this clip you may want to see Ryan’s entire speech at The Villages in Florida. You can find it here at C-Span. If you have senior friends who are buying in to the left exaggerations about Medicare you might want to share this link with them. Ryan makes it clear that as president, Romney has no plans to change Medicare for those like his mom and other retirees like her.

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  1. JAN BROWN says:

    Betty Ryan “an example of greatness”? OR is she an example of what makes America great? She was faced with a challange & rose to the occassion. She took what she had & built on it. She ‘accepted responsibility” !! What a concept!!! Perhaps she’s a little of both in addition to providing a role model for her son. THANKS BETTY !! For showing a ‘great’ side of our generation!!

    • Teresa Wendt says:

      Thanks Jan. I meant to say she was an example of what makes America great. But as you stated better than I, she was both and more.

      • JAN BROWN says:

        Teresa…Ain’t it just marvelous when ‘great’ minds meet in….Seriously, when the ‘greatness’ of our beloved nation acts in unison, WE CAN DO ANYTHING…short of parting the sea. So many just ‘vote the party” either in apathy, laziness or tradition. I just hope that examples like this will allow people to see that another 4 years like the last will result in an autocratic government & ‘we the people’ will be under the proverbial bus.