Man of La Muncha

To eat a delicious dog hound
To chew without making a sound
To burp when the dog goes down greasy
To run when dogs give you the runs.

To  munch a Chihuahua for lunch
To bite till the Dane’s out of sight
To digest when your tummy is weary
To tax when the dogs are all white.

This is my meal
To follow my spiel
I tell Joe Dog Biden
It’s a really big deal.

To fight for the Pug
Without collar or claws
To be willing to march to Michelle
For a couple of paws.

And I know if I devour it all
To the skin of its bones
That my gas will lie peaceful and calm
Way down deep in my stones.

And my gut will be better for this
That The Won, not a dog did I miss
Still consumed with my last ounce of ketchup
To eat, the last dog did I eat!

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