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Know What Fellow Americans Are Saying To Congress – In Real Time

First-Ever Site: Now Americans Can Know What Americans Are Telling Washington, and We Can Be Counted in BIG Numbers—All in Real Time

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA –  We’re told all the time, “Speak out to your reps in DC.” And we say, “Why bother? It’s too difficult and they don’t listen anyway.” Not so anymore.

eVoiceAmerica.com provides tens of millions of Americans the patented, unprecedented convenience of easily emailing their reps, and obtaining their personalized, recurring list of their DC elected reps, each time they logon. They can email any number of personal opinions to one or all of their elected reps’ official government inboxes. eVoiceAmerica harvests this input as Yes/No Percentages to hold DC accountable and shares this input with the American people in real time – an eVoiceAmerica first.

For the first time, Americans, the media, Congress, cause-based groups, and bloggers can know as public opinion, in real time and over time, what millions of us are telling our DC reps on all key issues. eVoiceAmerica’s issue-based, Yes/No percentage data is available on the site and compiled and emailed as Daily Data Reports. These percentages reflect public opinion to DC in numbers that it and the media cannot ignore. If reps vote against their constituent majorities, we will know it. They will know that we know what they know – that they must vote responsibly and responsively or be voted out. Jeffries states, “We no longer have to rely on hollow Washington promises of transparency – eVoice provides that transparency and vigilance.”

eVoiceAmerica.com harvests all anonymous user Yes/No eVotes, text opinions, Congressional/rep recipients, and voluntary demographic information in its unlimited, relational database which allows for ongoing, historical, issue-tracking capabilities and data analysis for access by DC elected reps and organizations,” Brazier states.

Video: Intro to eVoiceAmerica (also available at the bottom of eVoice’s home page)

eVoiceAmerica also offers customized take action tools to all organizations that want to 1) mobilize their visitors to speak out, 2) influence outcomes, and 3) generate critical issue-based data on their selected issues and presidential candidates. eVoiceAmerica is non-partisan which will reflect the values of the majority of American people.

eVoiceAmerica also offers the only real-time primary for the 2012 Presidential race. eVoice users can eVote and give feedback to all the candidates at any time and see the results instantaneously. Americans don’t have to wait until the election in November (or an unlikely call from a pollster), they can impact the election now.

Long-time entrepreneurs and twin sisters Sandra Boyack Brazier and Deidra Boyack Jeffries are the co-inventors of eVoiceAmerica.com and co-founders of eVoiceAmerica Data LLC.



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