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Is Gary Johnson the New Ross Perot?

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  1. I respect and appreciate coverage of news on this site, and as it’s a conservative site, I shouldn’t be surprised to see commentary slanted that way, but it’s just absurd to state in writing that Ross Perot was put in to take votes from Bush — did you even participate in that election? It’s similarly absurd to think that the Obama administration would use Gary Johnson for that purpose. I do concede, that because he was a millionaire, more people new about Perot than Johnson, but Libertarian viewpoint is based on the constitution and fiscal responsibility, not idealistic fantasy. Look a little deeper – you may find principles that really appeal to people who are conservative about things that matter (e.g. the economy) and let individual and free market regulate the rest.

  2. ross perot was put in to do one thing, take votes from george bush and secure the election for clinton. people,wake up,gary johnson has been appointed to attemp the same thing for obama.He has no chance to win and as perot,He knows it!

  3. No, Gary Johnson is not the new Ross Perot, by virtue of the fact that people actually knew who Ross Perot was. The Libertarians need to forget about their idealist fantasy nonsense and concentrate on, along with conservatives, ousting that failed experiment in the White House that is destroying America. If we don’t get Obama out now, the Libertarians (or the Republicans) may never get another chance to win an election.