How To Guarantee Four More Years of Obama

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  • Liz, like your style!!! Romney is the candidate because of that Constitution everyone ‘claims’ to want followed…he was ‘chosen’ by the majority of GOP voters…Period! This is not a slur gagainst anyone’s personal choice. I don’t care who you are, you can’t just pick out your likes & dislikes from the Constitution. And to be frank, no one has shown a candidate that walks on water. This is not just about you so get over please. A CERTAIN WAY to give Obama another term to destroy our nation is to refuse your responsibility of voting. IF you are a true ‘constitutional conservative’ you will put priorities in order GOD Country Family…then, you

    • Well, I’m an atheist, so if you don’t mind, I’ll skip that God part. Otherwise, yes, it is the responsibility of the people to cast their ballots come November – and not wastefully, as in skipping the Presidential race, choosing a third-party candidate, or doing a write-in for Mickey Mouse. Someday, the third-parties should garner enough support to be truly relevant (as in actually having a chance of winning the race.) They aren’t there yet. Please don’t waste votes this time around trying to change that fact!