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Harry Reid Is Not the Only Liar

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  1. The old saying proves true once again. “How can you tell they are lying? Their lips are moving!” However, the state run media will never call democrats on the carpet for their dishonesty. Just watch an obama press conference. (The few he has each yesr.) Rarely is there a serious question asked by these enablers. Beware the Government/Media complex…..these people are interchangeable within the two. We are bombarded with propaganda – not REAL news – 24/7. I have to read the foreign papers online to find out what is really going on in our country. I see where the brown shirts are now investigating Sheldon Adelson – a big Romney contributor. Just a conicidence, right? Now obambi wants to go against the congress and sign an executive order giving him control of the internet during an “Emergency.” More power in the hands of the man I call Il Duce……just look at some of his pictures. My apologies to Mussolini.
    Gun control is coming. A disarmed populace is a controllable populace. Without the Second Amendment there will be no First Amendment. If Romney is elected, he must thoroughly clean out an fumigate all branches and departments of our government. He must not make the same mistake Bush made by leaving democrats in positions of power as a “Goodwill” gesture. Bolton to State. Bachmann to the UN. Let’s get Dan Kathy in Dept of Labor to “Clean up.” Alan West to head up Defense. Arpaio to DHS. Pam Biondi to Justice. Palin to Energy. We need a strong hand at the CIA, and must clean out the FBI and return it to its glory days ala Hoover. Let’s get America moving again. My concern is that obambi and his hate filled wife can do a lot of damage between election in November an Jan, ’13. Obambi has astated he’ll govern by executive order if the congress does not pass what he wants. We have been warned.