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11 thoughts on “Dr.Charles Krauthammer Speaks Out On The Obama Disaster

  1. Maxune Parshall

    Also the fact that the introduction describes Krauthammer as “very intelligent” lets me know just how little intelligence is displayed in conservative circles. You might as well preface that sentence with “Unlike the usual bunch of conservatives you hear everyday, Krauthammer is actually intelligent.”

    1. Jerry Peters

      I’ve searched high and low, I have yet to find an intelligent liberal.

    2. Jim Staine

      Only in your progressive democrat world does describing Dr. Krauthhammer as “very intelligent” have some hidden meaning. If it did, it would apply equally to the empty suits in the “democrat worshiping mainstream media.”

  2. Maxune Parshall

    Just reading the first paragraph, I have to wonder when he says Obama took down the Clinton dynasty. What dynasty? Bill Clinton was president and Hillary was a senator in 2008. He fails to mention that the Republicans had been campaigning against Hillary since 1999 and had developed a large percentage of their base who hated Hillary although I couldn’t get any of them to explain why. One point against Krauthammer for dishonesty. Also the intro. says that Krauthammer never makes personal insults when just recently he described Mitt’s interest in dressage as “hoity toity.”

    1. JAN BROWN

      Maxine, I believe your reference to Romney’s interest in dressage was a misunderstanding on your part. WHAT he said was “Romney’s interest in dressage because of ANN Romney’s horse was entered in the olympic event that some people might consider it rather hoity toity”
      Also…since when is considering or describing a person as ‘intelligent’ indicate as anything other than respect or acknowledgement of that individual….and not over half of the country’s population?

      1. Chris Vaca Post author

        Jan, I was going to reply to Maxune,But you said exactly what I was about to say. Thanks

          1. Chris Vaca Post author

            It just proves that old saying is true, that Great Minds Think Alike

      2. Jim Staine

        Jan, I wish I had read your reply to Maxune before I replied to her myself. You did a much better job than I.

    2. Jim Staine

      Maxune, the Clinton Dynasty refers to the 8 years Slick Willy served as President & that Hillary was to be the next President & serve another 8 years (a 16 year dynasty). It was her turn & would keep Slick & Hill in the White House. The Clinton’s chances were dashed by the Marxists in the mainstream media as they covered up Obama’s total lack of qualifications & Obama spent millions sealing his college transcripts. Americans voted for “hope & change” without knowing anything about the myster man who would bring about this “hope & change.”

  3. Jerry Peters

    Wow I didn’t know he was paralyzed, but I do agree, he is a very smart man and knows his politics.

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