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7 thoughts on “A.F.Branco cartoon – Obama Firestorm

    1. Sammy

      What happens to a fire when you dump fuel on it?

      That is precisely what obama has done from day one, by design!

  1. TinaTB

    What I want to know is why no one ever calls Obama out on the fact that this fire storm that he “inherited” he actually helped create during his tenure as THE most liberal senator in Congress? Every single piece of out-of-control spending legislation that helped put us over the hump of disaster HE voted yes on! So tell me, did he or did he NOT help create this mess he “inherited”??

    I wish, just once, someone would actually make a point to question him about this.

    1. Sammy

      “I wish, just once, someone would actually make a point to question him about this.”

      Do not, I repeat, DO NOT hold your breath!

      If anyone (press) had bothered to ask him tough questions he wouldn’t be president today.

      Then we would have had the dottering old fool McLame. :(

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